Drug Abuse Rehab Treatment Program

Inspire Malibu is world-class drug abuse treatment center. It provides the most advanced approach to successful drug abuse treatment available today.

Unlike other drug rehab programs, Inspire Malibu offers an individualized, all-therapy based treatment program. Each client is first carefully assessed to determine their psychological needs and drug and alcohol use history. Once the evaluation is complete, the clinical team creates a unique treatment plan which will properly address their clinical needs.

We specialize in proven protocols, utilizing only the latest proven therapies and treatments. Every aspect of our program is researched and proven to work safely and effectively.

In addition, by focusing on the origins of an individual’s issues, our staff is able to identify and address core patterns that provoke self-destructive and recurring behaviors in the addictive personality. By empowering an individual to gain progressive insight and awareness, we inspire vital motivation that can restore the addict or alcoholic to health. Drug or alcohol detox and stabilization needs to occur first before the rehab process can begin.

We successfully treat the following substance misuse conditions:

Modern Drug Abuse Treatment Program

more 1 to 1 therapy

more 1 to 1 therapy

We offer a diverse range of behavior changing and motivational methods in our customized addiction treatment program.
Your treatment plan will change daily depending on your individual needs which encourages growth and confidence. For additional information on Inspire Malibu Drug Addiction Treatment Center call us anytime.
Treatment plans can include, but are not limited to the following:


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