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Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

Inpatient Drug Rehab Program at Inspire Malibu

We provide inpatient residential treatment for drug addiction at our facilities in Agoura Hills and Malibu, California and serve the surrounding areas, including Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Westlake Village, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Tarzana, Encino, Oxnard, Ventura, and Santa Barbara.

Patients who receive inpatient care, also called residential treatment, from Inspire Malibu will often spend between 30 to 90 days in our facility, though stays can be longer if determined necessary.

We help our patients safely detox drugs or alcohol from their systems, with medical staff on hand to deal with withdrawal symptoms.

inpatient drug rehab center in Malibu CaliforniaWe then engage in a treatment and therapy program specific to the exact needs of the individual patient. Patients leave our facility with a complete set of tools and techniques to avoid relapses.

Our goal is to assure that our patients never need to return to our care again.

Inspire Malibu is a fully licensed and Joint Commission accredited, inpatient drug and addiction treatment center. Our program offers a wide range of therapies using a modern, all-therapy, non 12 step approach.

With a little over 23 million Americans currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, there has never been such a need in this country for quality drug rehabilitation treatment and care.

If you include nicotine and caffeine addictions, which are never counted in these statistics, a little over one third of population is currently addicted to some type of substance in the United States.

At Inspire Malibu, we offer an evidence-based inpatient drug treatment program that is designed to help people escape the repeating cycle of drug abuse. Every member of our staff is fully certified for drug addiction and mental health treatment, providing superior care for the types of therapy we use at our facility:

Advantages of a Residential Program

Inpatient drug rehab programs offer a number of important benefits and advantages that aren’t found in any other type of program including structure, 24-hour support, no access to drugs and alcohol, as well as a more comprehensive treatment approach that gives a patient better overall tools for long term recovery.

This includes various therapy options including psychological counseling, dual-diagnosis therapy, group therapy, one-on-one counseling, behavioral therapy, and addiction education.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

We us a wide variety of therapy options at Inspire Malibu because drug abuse can be a very difficult problem to treat. Evidence shows that the relapse rate for drug abuse is roughly 60% and no single type of drug treatment is universally effective.

Instead, each individual is unique and requires drug addiction treatment that is tailored to that patient’s particular situation.

Rehab TreatmentWhen a patient enters our inpatient drug rehab program, our staff takes a hand’s on approach to determine the most effective form of therapy. This involves more than just helping a patient cleanse the drugs from their system and dealing with withdrawal systems.

It requires a full assessment to uncover the root cause of the addiction and then developing a therapy plan that deals with the physical, mental, and social aspects of the current condition.

If one therapy option shows little success, we can identify the reasons for failure and switch to another therapy option.

Furthermore, because we use multiple types of therapy, we can easily incorporate support groups that might be more effective when dealing with struggling patients.

Different Treatment Options

While there are many different ways to treat a drug or alcohol addiction, the most comprehensive and long-lasting approach is to seek out a quality inpatient drug rehab facility.

While some people may be able to quit drugs or alcohol cold turkey, this can be an extremely difficult process and is often dangerous for individuals who may be suffering from withdrawals from alcohol or certain painkiller and anxiety medications.

Quitting cold turkey also doesn’t address the underlying problems at the root of many drug and alcohol addictions, which is why it is can be so difficult to sustain long-term recovery. This is also why many outpatient facilities fail to reach the success rates many inpatient programs enjoy.

While the outpatient option can provide quality medical care and any necessary support, the time of treatment is limited and much less comprehensive that what would be found at an inpatient program.

Secondly, one of the major disadvantages outpatient facilities have as opposed to inpatient programs, is that the individual never gets the opportunity to truly escape their circumstances and environment that may be triggering the drug use, which is crucial early in the drug rehabilitation process.

One on One Therapy for Addiction TreatmentFor many individuals who can’t leave work for an extended period of time, or don’t want to be away from their family during their treatment process, there are many outpatient facilities and day treatment programs that can offer the best opportunity at recovery.

However, the vast majority of drug treatment specialists believe that if an individual truly wants to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction their best option is to seek a quality inpatient drug treatment program.

With so many different treatment options to choose from, finding the right drug treatment facility that is affordable and provides the quality care needed can be difficult.

Because the overall success of an individual’s rehabilitation will largely depend on the type of treatment the person receives, choosing the wrong type of rehabilitation program can have unsuccessful results.

Inpatient versus Outpatient

While some patients may prefer an outpatient program, they often have a lower success rate than inpatient programs for the beginning stages of recovery. Part of the reason for this is because inpatient programs offer a number of advantages that outpatient programs simply don’t provide including:

  • No Access to Drugs – The only drugs that exist in our inpatient program are used purely for medical purposes and are safely stored in secure locations. They are only distributed by licensed staff members and only for treatment purposes.
  • 24 Hour Support – Many patients will experience various withdrawal symptoms during day and night. Similarly, patients who are past withdrawal are likely to experience anxiety or depression, which may be higher at night. In our facility, we have licensed staff available to deal with these problems 24 hours a day.
  • Removal of Stress Triggers – Many times, addiction is the result of stress. Stress is a common cause for drug abuse relapses. Within the Inspire Malibu care facility, patients are removed from most of the stress triggers that plague their daily lives, which helps increase the success rate of the treatment.
  • Clear Metric for Success – In an outpatient program, there is no clear metric for success because treatment is intertwined with everyday life. A patient can relapse repeatedly yet still remain within the program. Residential patients understand that initial treatment ends when they leave the facility. The patient may still undergo therapy, engage in group activities, or use techniques learned during treatment even after leaving Inspire Malibu.

Additionally, while inpatient drug rehab care is designed to shield the patient from the outside world, that doesn’t mean our treatment can’t take advantage of the support network of our patients. Through monitored visits and patient-specific designed treatment, we can include family or friends in the healing process.

Rate of Success

While it can be difficult, to nearly impossible, to give accurate success rates for drug rehab treatment for a variety of reasons, inpatient rehab facilities are widely accepted as offering the best opportunity for someone with addiction to achieve a successful recovery.

Staying in a treatment program for a longer duration can have a profound impact on success. This is widely accredited to the fact that drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic disease, and many times triggered by secondary underlying issues or illnesses.

Without treating the issues at the core of a person’s addiction, it can be very difficult to achieve long-term success.

For the sake of our own efficacy, Inspire Malibu conducted an “Addiction Treatment Aftercare Outcome Study” and the results have been published in the Open Journal of Psychiatry that shows relapse rates.

Drug Abuse Statistics

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, roughly 18 million Americans required treatment for drug abuse in 2011. That is roughly 1 in 16 people in the country.

Additionally, approximately 40,000 people die as a consequence of drugs every year.

For More Information About Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs, Call Us at 800-444-1838.


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