TSF advocates that those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction:

  • Understand that addiction is a chronic disease
  • Acknowledge that willpower alone is not enough for successful recovery
  • Understand that long term sobriety is a process
  • Twelve Step Facilitation has shown to help people maintain a healthy and sober lifestyle after receiving appropriate scientific and clinical treatment for their addiction problems.

    Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT)

    At Inspire Malibu, our goal is to help clients prevent any recurrence of symptoms using preventative strategies such as Relapse Prevention Therapy (RPT).


    Some of the components of Relapse Prevention Therapy include:

    • Coping skills to deal with cravings for drugs or alcohol
    • Changes to client’s day-to-day lifestyle that aid in avoiding temptations
    • Teaches clients new methods for anticipating and coping in stressful situations

    Clients at Inspire Malibu can also take advantage of SMART Recovery. This is a “crosstalk” process group that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. There is no spiritual component and participants don’t have to identify as “addicts” or “alcoholics.”

    SMART Recovery has shown to be particularly helpful for those who struggle with 12 Step concepts like “powerlessness” and a “higher power.”

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