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Winnie-the-Pooh Mental Illness
It might not be a mistake that October, just ahead of holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and (gasp!) the New Year, ...
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Lexapro and Weed - Is it Safe to Use Marijuana and Antidepressants at the Same Time?
Nearly 13 percent of the people in the United States, aged 12 and older, takes some sort of antidepressant for ...
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Tips for Overcoming the Guilt and Shame of Addiction
Whether a person is actively living in recovery, has yet to attempt sobriety or has been sober and recently relapsed, ...
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Lagom - Swedish Philosophy of Happy Life Balance
Lagom (LAH-gum), which translates to "not too little, not too much - just right," is the Swedish philosophy of moderation, ...
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Signs of a High Functioning Alcoholic
The popular stereotype of someone suffering from alcoholism is a person that's lost everything because of the bottle, his or ...
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Suicide Rates Increase Among Police, Farmers, Military, and Teens
The second week in September is National Suicide Awareness Week, an annual awareness event sponsored by Health Resources and Services ...
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GHB Addiction and Abuse From a Popular Club Drug
First developed in the 1960s, GHB – gamma-hydroxybutyrate – has gone through quite an evolution. This central nervous system depressant ...
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Most Addictive Drug vs Most Dangerous Drug
Amid the ongoing crisis of addiction in the United States, a popular topic of discussion is "what's the most addictive ...
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Unhappiness Solutions for the Happiest Countries in the World Happiness Report
Nordic countries, such as Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Sweden and others, routinely rank at the top of the list in ...
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7 Myths About Mental Health Debunked
Public awareness surrounding issues of mental health has come a long way in the last 50 years. Organizations like the ...
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Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack vs Heart Attack
Though panic attacks, anxiety attacks and heart attacks are three very different things, it's not always easy to discern the ...
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Dry Drunk Syndrome
Bodily injuries often require physical therapy during and after the healing process. The benefits of rehab are that a person ...
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Opioid Addiction Brain Imaging Research
Opioid addiction hijacks the brain's normal chemical balance, making it nearly impossible for a person to feel pleasure, or even ...
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Sober Curious Hangover-free Lifestyle
America's booze-consuming culture is almost impossible to avoid. There are after-work drinks, drinks at professional networking events, drinks at office ...
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Drug Deactivation Bags Properly Dispose of Opioids and Prescription Medications
The epidemic of opioid addiction and overdose, largely a result of prescription painkillers, is still one of the country's most ...
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