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Cannabis Induced Psychosis From Marijuana
There's growing scientific evidence that marijuana, especially potent concentrates and strains of the drug, can lead to significant mental health ...
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psychological assistant
Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility located in Agoura Hills, California is seeking a Psychological Assistant for a Primary Therapist position ...
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licensed clinical psychologist
Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility located in Agoura Hills, California is seeking a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for a Primary Therapist ...
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Situational Depression Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Situational Depression is most often caused by a stressful event. Unlike clinical depression, the symptoms of situational depression are generally ...
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THCP and CBDP: New Potent Marijuana Cannabinoids Discovered
If you thought that Italy was all about the food and culture, well, you're only partially right. It's also about ...
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What are Alcohol Dementia Causes, Symptoms and Treatment?
Despite public awareness campaigns that consuming too much alcohol is incredibly unhealthy and a leading cause of issues such as ...
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11 Things to Do After Rehab for Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Going to rehab for an addiction to drugs and alcohol is often among the most difficult and important decisions a ...
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Adjustment Disorder Symptoms, Types, Causes and Treatment
One of the biggest stressors in life is an unexpected event - like the death of a loved one, a ...
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Alcoholic Neuropathy Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Excessive, long-term alcohol consumption can lead to alcoholic neuropathy, a condition that damages peripheral nerves that send signals between the ...
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5 Positive Ways to Start the New Year in Recovery
The start of the New Year is almost always a time when people feel ready to make some positive changes ...
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Ketamine May Be Able To Treat Alcohol Addiction and Alcoholism
For years, Ketamine, a powerful anesthetic sometimes used as an animal tranquilizer, was a favorite of club goers who used ...
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10 Excuses Addicts Use to Avoid Going to Rehab Treatment
Making the decision to get treatment for issues related to substance abuse or addiction is an extremely personal and, in ...
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10 Mental Health Tips to Beat the Holiday Blues
As fall exits the scene and winter takes center stage, many people experience an increase in holiday stress, anxiety, and ...
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What Are the 4 Stages of Alcoholism?
The vast majority of people who drink alcohol do not develop an addiction. For some people, however, drinking will always ...
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Inspire Malibu FBI Raid
It can be incredibly uncomfortable to see your own name, or the name of the company you work, associated with ...
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