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Nutritional Psychiatry Treatment of Mood Disorders
One of the most important power-players in mental health and wellbeing is the neurotransmitter serotonin. It allows the body and ... Read More
Getting High on Xanax and Benzos
The reason benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, are popular is because they work. The sedative effect suppresses neurotransmitters in the brain ... Read More
Cocaine Laced With Fentanyl
A report put out by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found more than half of all opioid-related ... Read More
Functional Medicine Treats Root Cause of Disease and Illness
There will always be critics of change and innovation. It happens in virtually every field and healthcare is no different ... Read More
Famous People With ADHD
When the subject of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder makes the news, most people associate the mental health condition with children. They're ... Read More
10 Ups and Downs of Caffeine - New FDA Caffeine Guidelines
"CAFFEINE IS IN THE NEWS!" is how someone that's consumed a bit too much caffeine might report the latest announcement ... Read More
Children's Mental Health Awareness Week
Children's Mental Health Awareness Day is Thursday, May 10, 2018 The second week of May - 7th thru 13th – ... Read More
Warmline vs Crisis Hotline For Mental Heal and Recovery Help
Bouts of mental pain and sorrow are a common part of even the healthiest person's life. These situations are often ... Read More
Mental Health Education in Schools
It's difficult to overstate how important mental health is, especially for children who are often unable to articulate symptoms of ... Read More
Healthy Diet Reduced Depression Link Study
There's still a public squeamishness about major depression. The stigma, in fact, is part of the mental disorder itself. Feelings ... Read More
Hemp vs Marijuana
There's a fine line or, if you prefer, rope between hemp and marijuana, though the two plants, have long been ... Read More
FDA Less Nicotine Equals Fewer Cigarette Smokers
Earlier this month, the Food and Drug Administration followed up on proposed tobacco regulations it made last summer. The new ... Read More
Heavy Alcohol Use Linked to Dementia
A five year study published in March, concluded that heavy drinking and alcohol use disorder are the main contributors to ... Read More
Alcosynth - No Hangover Synthetic Alcohol by Alcarelle
It's not the first time some high-minded, lab-coat wearing alchemists donned goggles, skittered between beakers of boiling liquids and tried ... Read More
Cannabis Legalization in Canada
The United States' friendly neighbor to the north is set to make continental history by legalizing the sale of recreational ... Read More

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