What is Somatic Therapy?

Two women in living room smilingSomatic refers to the body and Somatic therapy involves the use of mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical psychology to be in touch with our bodies. It is a holistic approach that concentrates on focus and breathing to increase awareness of our body and how it can help deal with problems.

No illness can be successfully diagnosed or treated simply by dealing with your feelings alone. Somatic Therapy helps people use their body’s natural healing abilities while understanding the connection between body, mind and emotion.

Inspire Malibu utilizes the proven abilities of qualified, certified therapists and physicians. Any condition worth treating, is worth treating by trained professionals. The Somatic Therapy practitioners serving our clients at Inspire Malibu meet the highest standards of education, training, and proven ability.

Stress is not good for you, and not knowing how to dispel stress can make life even more stressful. Somatic Therapy is among several proven methods of significantly reducing stress.

If you are one of Inspire Malibu’s clients who has dealt with one or more life traumas, your individual treatment program may include Somatic Therapy.

Call us Toll-Free to find out how incorporating Somatic Therapy into your rehab treatment can heal your condition.


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