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Neurofeedback Therapy Treatment Providers Los Angeles

It’s difficult to learn new things when under stress. Anyone dealing with issues of alcoholism or addiction is under intense stress, and this makes learning and implementing the tools of recovery more difficult.

Neurofeedback Therapy session for drug and alcohol treatmentAt Inspire Malibu, we want our clients to function to the best of their ability under all circumstances. For this reason, we offer our clients the benefits of Neurofeedback (available for an extra fee unless covered by insurance), a proven method that helps reduce stress and increase the brain’s ability to learn and incorporate new information. Neurofeedback has been a popular therapy tool in Los Angeles for a long time and we’re proud to offer it to our clients for drug and alcohol treatment.

Neurofeedback helps our clients interact instead of simply react – it trains the brain to be more adaptive and effective. Neurotherapy is useful to our clients in many ways, not simply in recovery from problems of drugs and alcohol. The benefits of Neurofeedback are scientifically proven safe, effective and of great value. This is just one example of how Inspire Malibu uses effective non 12 step methods to improve the health and well-being of all our clients.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a successful brain re-training method that facilitates stress reduction while boosting the brain’s ability to learn and integrate new information. It does this by “educating” the brain to be more adaptive and nimble, benefiting more than alcohol rehab treatment but also addressing all otherwise stressful areas of our clients’ lives. Also known as EEG Biofeedback, Neurofeedback employs the human premature biological mechanisms of self-regulation and homeostasis.

By providing a comprehensive approach to treatment, Inspire Malibu tackles fundamental issues of addiction and recovery called comorbidities (dual diagnosis). Since getting clean and sober can be stressful, logic can be circumvented in the brain due to tension, which leads to unsuccessfully constructed resolutions as a result. This dynamic, in turn, impairs the client’s ability to absorb and apply new information. In contrast, Neurofeedback helps change the “reactive” brain into a better-muscled “interactive” brain dynamic that will serve the client through all stressful situations in life.

Inspire Malibu’s Neurobeedback Evaluation and Treatment Program

Initially, our staff will perform an evaluation by asking 90 questions that enable us to create a specific drug or alcohol rehab treatment plan for you.

In the second step, a Neurofeedback Technician will place sensors on your ears and scalp (with possibly 2 to 3 placement variations), which gather electrical brain activities for approximately 30 minutes total.

The third step involves your viewing fractal images on a computer graph, with the computer advising in 2-minute intervals how to improve your score. The Neurofeedback system also lets you know when you are in a state of “seamless poise of composed concentration” which can be repeated.

Does Neurofeedback Work?

Numerous research studies demonstrate the efficacy of Neurofeedback which shows the brain’s desire to balance knowledge more than genes since development and size limit brain design. If we had the ability to calculate total neuronal quantity produced from birth through maturity, we would discover twice as many neurons and neuronet pathways being developed as a result of healthy stimulation and effective interactive use. When not used, neurons simply die off. More information about Neurofeedback research can be found at:

To get a better understanding about how this therapy works, listen to Charlene Simpson discuss the details in our Neurofeedback Podcast.


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