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Healthy Activities and Exercise for Addiction Recovery

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Healthy Activities and Exercise Program

Zbeachjogger640x360Our goal is to help each client discover a passion for healthy, life-enhancing activities. Inspire Malibu’s holistic approach to treatment is designed to help patients heal gently, while cultivating activities which gradually develop a healthy new clean and sober lifestyle.
Building a healthy new lifestyle starts with learning how to have fun, without needing or wanting to use drugs and or alcohol. Much of our program includes going outside the facility, together with supervision, to have real life experiences without drugs and or alcohol. Exercise and healthy activities like meditation can be used to stay sober and healthy for life.

Healthy Lifestyle BooksUsing drugs and drinking alcohol releases a chemical neurotransmitter called dopamine which is associated with the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. When a person drinks they get “high” but they can also get a “high” from exercise as well. Replacing alcohol with exercise is a healthy alternative for the reward emotion by activating the brain’s pleasure center. People prone to addiction might possibly have a dopamine deficiency. Going for a vigorous run, swimming laps in a pool or going for a hike are all fantastic ways to distract yourself when urges become overwhelming. A common trigger for relapse with people in recovery is being bored and lonely. When these feelings start to overtake you, head to the gym for exercise with like minded people and use this habit as your new VACI (Vital Absorbing Creative Interest). The time spent drinking or using drugs needs to be replaced with healthy and effective habits, and exercise is a great way to dispel boredom and loneliness.


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Confidence Building

Having confidence in yourself gives you the ability to realize that you can create a healthier and more satisfying lifestyle.  Exercise will build confidence and make you more aware of your thoughts which in turn will help you to make positive choices. Following a regular schedule to practice yoga or meditate will reinforce positive feelings to follow through and accomplish goals.

Healthy Activities are a Part of Our Treatment Program

Some activities include:

  • Outings to the Pacific ocean
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Walk and Talk Therapy Sessions
  • Group Hiking
  • Visiting our Heath Club


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