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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center – Inspire Malibu

more individual 1 to 1 therapyIt is very common for someone to be abusing both drugs and alcohol at the same time. Many people who have become dependent on alcohol are also abusing marijuana, cocaine, heroin or prescription medication. Alcohol often acts as a “gateway” for drug abuse and vice versa. Both conditions need to be treated concurrently. Inspire Malibu is the leading secular non-12-step drug and alcohol rehab center in California.

With our state of the art program and facility, Inspire Malibu offers an individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment. Every client is treated with absolute dignity and respect. The program provides clients with the opportunity to participate in their own recovery. Every client is treated for underlying issues, not just alcohol and/or drug abuse.

How Inspire Malibu Treats Drug and Alcohol Abuse

The first step is for our staff to do a thorough assessment and evaluation. This history and clinical background information is carefully analyzed by our staff. We use it to create the right treatment program best suited for that individual and their progress through drug and alcohol rehab. We match up the needs of the client with the various therapeutic elements of our program. Our beautiful setting and secure facility in Malibu Valley, California is an ideal location for transforming each patient’s life.

Inspire Malibu’s drug and alcohol rehab program is not a “cookie cutter” program. Each client is carefully assessed and evaluated to determine the best course of treatment. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” program for the treatment of addiction. Each person requires specialized attention and each patient has different needs and expectations.

Inspire Malibu uses the following therapies for addiction treatment:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

The Inspire Malibu Therapy-Based Approach

Alcoholism and substance abuse are complicated problems, so treating them has evolved accordingly. Each person’s unique history and issues are factors in designing their treatment.
Rehab for drug and alcohol abuse is designed to educate and provide therapy for people who have reached the point where use has become a life-altering problem. Most experts agree on the abstinence model being the best recovery philosophy. The abstinence model subscribes to the disease concept, which teaches the affected person to learn how to live without drinking any alcohol or abusing mood-altering chemicals.

Inspire Malibu uses self-empowerment, not the 12-step process, as the basis for recovery and/or aftercare. The Inpatient home and environment at Inspire Malibu Drug Rehab Treatment Center is less than one mile from our Outpatient Clinic in Agoura Hills, California. Inspire Malibu incorporates a holistic approach to recovery and everyday living. Some of the holistic therapies utilized are yoga, meditation, massage (for an extra fee), equine therapy, and music therapy.

Inspire Malibu drug and alcohol rehabilitation center believes encouraging and implementing life skills training, exercise and therapy as a part of a full and safely sustainable re-entry into society for our patients.

The Inspire Malibu Non-12-Step Program

Inspire Malibu believes that support groups as an adjunct to treatment, especially for aftercare maintenance, can be a beneficial way to remain sober and aid in relapse prevention. While we have no problem with the 12-step process for maintenance, we do not use these types of programs for treatment. We have found much greater, and longer lasting success, using our “non 12 step” programs for treatment and rehabilitation.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment methods

Prescribed drugs are used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and assist in the process of detox and recovery. The Inspire Malibu rehabilitation center philosophy is to address the chronic illness, not just at the individual psycho-dynamic level of behavior modification, but in a systemic manner addressing the bio-psychosocial approach. Physicians at Inspire Malibu provide a coordinated, intense, comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment for patients using a variety of appropriate modalities.

While our understanding of alcoholism and addiction has changed, the alcoholic or addict has remained misunderstood. Today, science classifies alcoholism and other drug addictions as a disease, just like heart disease or diabetes, with genetic components that are hereditary.

It’s been discovered that patients respond better to progressive approaches, combined with proven techniques that encourage social skills and better decision-making abilities. These methods form the basis of the patient’s comprehensive, individualized care and recovery.


According to NIAAA, 2.5 million adults in the US abuse drugs and alcohol