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Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Center Is Set To Host Town Hall Event Devoted to Non 12 Step Programs

Last Updated on February 19, 2021 by Inspire Malibu

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Dr. Torrington And His Team Of Experts Will Hold A Community-Wide Q&A About The Difference Between 12 Step And Non 12 Step Rehab 

Malibu, CA – Dr. Matthew Torrington, Founder of Inspire Malibu, recognized by many as the top addiction treatment center in Malibu, California and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California, announced today that he and his team are hosting a town hall event dedicated to differentiating between 12 step and Non 12 step rehab, as well as the critical differences between evidence-based treatment and self-help group support offered by many facilities.

Dr. Torrington said, “A community-wide conversation about the differences between 12 step and Non 12 step treatment is long overdo. By definition, any kind of intervention to restore health and normal functioning can be considered a treatment; however, the question is how effective is the stated treatment? What role, if any, does science play in the process? Is the treatment model evidence-based or built on a religious platform? These are questions that need to be asked when seeking help with addiction.” Torrington added, “Addiction medicine experts have a duty to educate their respective communities. We must train people to analyze the type of treatment various facilities provide. For instance, the majority of the treatment centers in the U.S. are 12 step-based, where people are required to work on the12 step approach while in treatment; however, science has proven that Addiction, like high blood pressure or Diabetes, is a chronic medical illness, which tells us that treating with step-work in early recovery is frequently a reckless approach. Would anyone attempt to treat Diabetes with a set of non-medically founded steps? The answer is no and people need to know the options before they commit to a program that doesn’t make science a priority.”

Inspire Malibu’s town hall campaign is designed to inform the community at-large about the options available to them when considering proper and effective treatment for addiction and alcoholism. Torrington added, “When we mention Non 12 step program, it specifically means that we are providing comprehensive professional treatment for the disease of Addiction. We utilize science-based therapy (CBT, MET) conducted by Doctorate-level therapists, who also perform comprehensive psychosocial assessments of patients. History, physical exam, and psychiatric evaluations must be done by MDs. Blood work and other diagnostic procedures like EKG, CT, MRI, PET Scan, etc., must also be performed on a case-by-case basis by properly credentialed specialists. Once all of the aforementioned professional treatment is completed, patients can then attend self-help groups such as 12 step meetings or Non 12 step alternatives, depending on patient preference. One should immediately understand how to differentiate between treatment and self-help, which is why our town hall meeting is such an important event.”

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