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Inspire Malibu is the premier Non 12 Step, drug, alcohol, and detox treatment center founded by addiction pioneer Dr. A. R. Mohammad. Inspire Malibu’s state-of-the-art treatment program combines the latest scientific research with proven, evidence-based therapies to address both alcohol and substance abuse successfully. We are also uniquely qualified to address dual diagnosis disorders. We now offer several levels of detox treatment at one of our safe and comfortable facilities.

The Most Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility in the Country

What Can We Help You With?

one on one therapy

One on One Therapy

At Inspire Malibu we do a full psychological profile to take a snapshot of a patient’s life to help determine any underlying issues that may be fueling their substance abuse or addictive behavior. We provide science and evidence based therapy modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy.
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Alcohol and Drug Detox

Safe and Comfortable Detox

Inspire Malibu is unique among addiction treatment centers in that we pride ourselves on providing arguably the safest and most comfortable detox available in the country.

We offer a “Detox Only” Treatment Program as well as a “Combined Detox and Recovery” Treatment Program.
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Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

In many cases of addiction, a co-occurring disorder exists which fuels addictive behavior. In a large number of instances there is an underlying disorder like Depression, OCD, Bipolar, PTSD, Anxiety, ADHD to name a few. Inspire Malibu is uniquely qualified to provide dual diagnosis treatment for both addiction and mental health disorders.
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TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy

TMS is used to treat depression, anxiety, OCD, Addiction, chronic pain, and bipolar disorder. Occasionally medications are not effective so people are turning to TMS, a new non-invasive treatment. Certain medications are known to cause complications when taken for long periods of time. With TMS Therapy alone this complication does not exist.
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Healthy Activities

Healthy Activities

As our clients move through detox and begin to feel better we promote a healthy lifestyle, which helps solidify a lasting recovery by bringing the mind and body back to a healthy state. As recovery progresses, we provide activities such as yoga, meditation, outings and trips to a full service gym. Our goal is to help you create a healthier lifestyle.
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beautiful facilities

Beautiful Facilities

Inspire Malibu has locations located in beautiful Malibu California as well as in the hills of Agoura. The stunning treatment facilities are situated in a private areas to make clients feel safe and secure. Private Executive Chefs prepare gourmet meals and a professional trained staff is available to help meet personal needs.
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The Most Advanced Treatment Yet.

Inspire Malibu takes Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment to a whole new level.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction is the only disease that tries to convince you that you don’t have it. It’s so powerful, addicts will do anything or say anything just to get a fix. Denial runs deep with addiction, and many addicts will look at another addict and proclaim, “That’s not me, I’m not that guy.” That’s your brain trying to convince you that you’re not an addict. That voice in your head is running your life, but you’re too close to it to understand it’s actually ruining your life. Fortunately, recent developments in medical science have shed light on how brain behavior can be changed.

Our team is a compassionate group of alcoholism and addiction professionals unsurpassed in the industry. Every aspect of Inspire Malibu’s individualized program has been researched and proven to work. We treat a small group of clients in order to focus on each individual’s program and give it the attention it needs.

We do a full psychological assessment to isolate the underlying cause of the self-destructive addictive behavior, that if left untreated, will ruin the chance for an addicted patient to have a healthy recovery. We treat the core cause of the problem through intensive therapy and find what motivates an individual to live a fulfilling life, free from the confines of drug and alcohol addiction.

Getting Help With Addiction Treatment Doesn’t Have to be Complicated.

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