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At Inspire Malibu, we ensure the success of each client because our rehab treatment program, when followed diligently, is extraordinarily effective. This effectiveness is a result of the vision of Dr. Akikur Reza Mohammad, which has helped to create a program that combines traditional approaches with modern, all-therapy based approaches to create a program that is very different from most other rehab treatment programs.

Our Rehab Treatment Program

About Inspire Malibu FounderWhile we customize our treatment program to each individual patient, there are some parts of the program that are the same for all patients.

Patients that undergo our rehab treatment program, move into our facilities for the duration of the treatment and only have limited and supervised interaction with the outside world. This is not done to punish our patients, but rather to assure that every interaction they experience during the treatment process is focused towards recovery.

Rehab treatment programs are of varying lengths depending on the addiction level and recovery progress of the patient, but they are rarely less than 30 days and usually no longer than 90 days, although it’s not uncommon for some to be 180 days. During that time, in addition to clinical therapy and addiction education, we provide all food, shelter, and entertainment for our patients.

Types of Therapy

At Inspire Malibu, our staff is trained in numerous types of therapy that are clinically proven to help with addiction recovery and prevent relapses.

For each individual patient we create a unique rehab treatment program that utilizes one or more of these therapy options. We understand that each patient is facing a different set of challenges and stresses in their life. The trick to recovery is identifying those challenges and analyzing which of the following therapy options are best for overcoming them.

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Stress Management
  • Neurofeedback Therapy (extra fee unless covered by insurance)
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy (extra fee unless covered by insurance)

The members of our clinical staff are experts in all forms of addiction and rehab therapies. In short, they will determine the specific challenges of a patient and create a rehab treatment program that combines the best set of these therapies for the patient’s specific circumstances.

At Inspire Malibu, therapy doesn’t just stop at your addiction. In two decades of work with addiction medicine, Dr. Mohammad has identified that rehab treatment programs only work if they also keep the mind and body healthy.

As such, we also offer a wide range of therapies and programs that are designed to keep our patients as mentally, physically, and socially healthy as possible.

  • Healthy and Nutritious Around the Clock Food
  • Meditation and Yoga Training
  • Full Body Massages (extra fee)
  • Chaperoned Socializing Between Patients
  • Visitation by Family and Friends
  • 24 Hour Staff Availability for Any Other Needs

These program features, along with additional options are interwoven with more direct addiction therapy to create a stress free environment where patients leave our facilities healthier than they were when they arrived. And we aren’t limited to what we’ve done before. Our professional clinical staff is able to devise new types of treatment for particularly unique patients and implement them with success.

Clinical Staff

Another reason for our success is that our Founder and CEO is board certified in both addiction medicine and psychiatry. Dr. Mohammad is one of the best in his field and only hires staff that are of a similar caliber.

At Inspire Malibu, a low patient to staff ratio and a high number of doctors on staff assures that patients interact with experts every day of their rehab treatment program.

Just as important as having a properly credentialed staff, our patients also benefit from the fact that we have staff on site 24 hours a day. This is particularly critical during the first few weeks of recovery when early cravings and withdrawal symptoms can cause extensive physical and mental suffering.

Our staff is available to assist with medication or provide counseling as necessary to assure that patients are no danger to themselves or others, and don’t suffer severe complications during this trying period of the rehab treatment program.

Preventing Relapse

The final step to our rehab treatment program is preventing relapse. We call this the final step because relapse can only come after recovery, but we start taking steps to prevent relapse from the moment a patient walks into our facilities. Preventing relapse is key to our program and part of our success.

Every single one of our programs and types of therapies includes an element of preventing relapse. One therapy may involve determining and combating stress triggers for addiction, while another therapy may offer ways to avoid cravings once the patient has left our facilities. The only way to truly avoid relapse is for the patient to care about avoiding relapse and to continue to utilize our methods after the rehab treatment program is over.

To this end, we offer education about the perils of addiction and the benefits of being addiction free. We provide this education for both the patient and the support structure of the patient (friends, family, etc.).

This education is not designed to punish, threaten, or intimidate the patient, but rather to encourage a continuing path towards recovery by highlighting how the benefits of being addiction free outweigh the consequences of addiction.

A patient that leaves our facility is as mentally, socially, and physically healthy as they have ever been previously in their life. They also leave with a full complement of tools, techniques, and structures designed to maintain that healthiness for the rest of their life.

Evidence proves that patients who leave a rehab treatment program in such a state, and are further bolstered by support structures and modern techniques, have an extremely high chance of avoiding relapse.

Founder’s Statement

Inspire Malibu was founded in 2011 by Dr. A.R. Mohammad, an addiction medicine specialist, psychiatrist, and Adjunct Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California. Below, Dr. Mohammad provides his personal statement on the origin and purpose of Inspire Malibu.

“As an addiction specialist who is also a psychiatrist and a professor, I understand that addiction is a chronic illness. It is a genetic brain disorder that is triggered by over-stimulation of the reward pathway in the brain. It’s a treatable condition much like Diabetes or Asthma. Once you have it, you have it, but you can manage it, you can control it, and you can live with it.

I was motivated to create Inspire Malibu after seeing so many addicts and alcoholics being sent to treatment facilities that offered no proper clinical diagnoses, no clinical evaluation, or no clinical approach whatsoever to what is universally recognized as a disease.

If you have a heart condition, you go to a heart specialist. If you have cancer, you see an oncologist, not someone whose only “qualification” is that they used to have cancer. I couldn’t stand by and let so many people suffering from addiction be denied comprehensive  care for what is a treatable condition. So, my motivation was actually outrage – and that inspired me to create an integrated, evidence-based, clinical approach to treating addiction as an illness.

Do you know of any illness that is treated before it is diagnosed? Of course not. Any facility that offers treatment, in my opinion, should provide a complete clinical diagnosis before they do anything.  At our facility, no treatment begins until after we have completed a comprehensive clinical diagnosis. Only then will treatment begin.

I founded Inspire Malibu because the majority of alcohol and drug treatment centers I had seen, failed to perform even the most basic clinical diagnosis on their clients. Too many patients had put their health and recovery into the hands of people who had neither medical credentials nor board certifications, and provided all their patients with the exact same regimen of meetings and lectures.

At Inspire Malibu, each individual patient receives a custom tailored treatment plan specific to their needs, whatever their religion, race, gender or nationality. The disease of addiction doesn’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddhist, Baha’i or Atheist. Inspire Malibu uses a secular clinical approach that doesn’t infringe on your belief system in any way, nor do we endorse any one support group over another.

We offer access to a wide variety of support groups and recovery focused organizations, both faith based and secular, and our patients are free to use any of these that they find emotionally or spiritually compatible and beneficial.

Because addiction is a brain condition, it has a dramatic impact on behavior. The only real difference between addiction and other chronic conditions is that people suffering from addiction often behave in ways we find socially unacceptable, or even illegal. This is not because these people are immoral, or because they don’t know any better. It is because they have a brain disorder that impacts all aspects of their life, including decision-making.

Some of the structural brain alterations can be reversed and the faulty brain functioning can be overcome utilizing the proven successful therapies that we use at Inspire Malibu. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement, and a wide variety of techniques and tools that are proven to facilitate the process of healing, health and happiness.

We also focus on preventing and managing relapse, which is part of every chronic illness.

In short, Inspire Malibu is the standard of excellence in the early detection and prevention of addiction, diagnosis of the condition, and comprehensive successful treatment.”

– Dr. Akikur Mohammad

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