Inspire Malibu offers individualized, evidence-based treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Our secular, non-12-step program combines different methods of therapy and patient education to guide our patients towards their ultimate goal – a life free from addiction.

Inspire Malibu was founded and is run by Dr. A.R. Mohammad, one of America’s leading experts on addiction recovery. For the past decade, our expert clinical staff has helped patients recover from drug and alcohol addiction with Dr. Mohammad’s guidance. Nestled in beautiful Malibu Valley on secure, private grounds, Inspire Malibu offers the freedom to recover in peace without the need to perform menial chores, excellent food, and comfortable accommodations.

Our holistic programs provide a wide range of specific therapies designed to teach each client healthy new attitudes, outlooks and behaviors, with a program developed individually according to what the individual patient needs. Working together, we will help you or your loved ones find their way to recovery from addiction with a solution that will last a lifetime.

more 1 to 1 therapy

One-to-One Therapy

Our resident staff are some of the most qualified for addiction treatment.

prescription abuse experts

Beautiful Facilities

Our treatment center is located on 5 acres in beautiful Malibu Canyon California.

healthy lifestyles program

Healthy Fun Activities

Clients learn to practice a wide variety of healthy lifestyle activities.

non 12 step rehab program

Non 12 Step

Inspire Malibu is the leading non 12 step treatment center in the country.

prescription abuse experts

Prescription Abuse

We specialize in the proper detox and treatment of prescription misuse.

we treat alcohol abuse as a very treatable disease

Alcohol Treatment

We treat alcohol abuse as a psychological condition, using cognitive therapy.

comfortable drug alcohol detox center

Comfortable Detox

Dr. Mohammad is one of the world’s leading experts on detox from drugs and alcohol.

fabulous food

Delicious Nutritious Food

We serve a variety of delicious, nutritious fresh food at every meal.

specializing in depression anxiety bipolar co-occurring disorders

Depression & Bipolar

Our clinical staff are experts at treating depression, anxiety, bipolar and ADHD.