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6 Tips for Overcoming the Guilt and Shame of Addiction: Sobriety, Relapse and Recovery

Whether a person is actively living in recovery, has yet to attempt sobriety or has been sober and recently relapsed, battling the disease of addiction comes with a lot of emotional baggage, most notably guilt and shame. When dealing with guilt vs. shame, it’s important to address these feelings head on so they have less […]


3 Music Organizations Dedicated to Musicians and Recovery

It’s impossible to define exactly how important music is in our day-to-day lives. It has the power to bring people together, to soothe sad feelings, and even outline the beliefs and cultural touchstones of the many unique societies around the globe. So, it’s not an exaggeration to suggest that music, in many ways, is a […]


Holidays in Recovery: Can You Get Drunk on Non-alcoholic Beer?

As November comes to an end and the holiday season swings into full gear, the list of party invitations begin to pile up. There are the office parties, neighborhood-block parties and any number of friends and family that take pride in throwing their annual ugly-sweater holiday party or whatever it might be. Then, lest we […]


5 Motivational Principles of Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Adjusting the way we think and act is one of the most difficult aspects of recovery, whether it’s from past trauma, depression, substance abuse or any number of life’s challenges. Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is a therapeutic approach that helps individuals overcome uncertainty or ambivalence related to a change in their self-destructive behavior. Developed by […]


The Herren Project: Massachusetts Substance Abuse Prevention

In more ways than one, Massachusetts, which has been at the heart of the opioid crisis in the United States, is now leading the charge to fight the epidemic. The state has suffered devastating loss of life due to heroin and opioid addiction. According to state-government data, “Opioid-related deaths in the state were more than […]


‘Unhooked’ is a Mother’s Story About Facing Her Son’s Addiction

“You don’t see cancer patients or diabetics stealing from the jewelry box or the family,” Annie Highwater writes in the description of her book, “Unhooked: A Mother’s Story of Unhitching from the Roller Coaster of Her Son’s Addiction.” Battling her son’s addiction to opioids, this mother admits she was self-righteous about the fact that addiction […]


Self Care – Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

“In the unlikely event of an emergency,” flight attendants tell us at the start of every flight, “oxygen masks will appear in front of you. Place it firmly over your nose and mouth and breathe normally. If you’re traveling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask first and then assist the […]


Why Pet Therapy Can Improve the Road to Recovery

It’s difficult to measure the value of a good dog. Beyond mere anecdotal evidence, research suggests that dogs (and other pets) can help people come back from traumatic experiences, lessen symptoms of anxiety and depression and, yes, even be powerful allies in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Hundreds of years of evolution and […]


Drug Offenders and Welfare Benefits – Lifting the Ban and Lending a Hand

One of the harshest and most ineffective polices of the U.S. government’s “war on drugs” is the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act which was passed in 1996. Sponsored by Republican John Kasich, Ohio’s state representative at the time, the act banned anyone with felony drug convictions from receiving welfare benefits, such as food […]


September is National Recovery Month: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery!

Stories of personal recovery, local events and award ceremonies are just part of National Recovery Month, an observance held every September for the last 29 years. 2019 Recovery Month Theme The theme for Recovery Month 2019 is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Together We Are Stronger,” and explores how integrated care, a strong community, sense […]