Recognizing Drug Paraphernalia

24 hour helpline call usA majority of parents and close ones are simply not aware of a loved one’s drug addiction even when the evidence is sitting right there.  Based on the drug, the approach of using the drug and the access to money, the paraphernalia can range from unassuming to intricate. It is important to understand the fundamentals of paraphernalia so as to identify skeptical objects earlier so drug use does not become a massive problem in your home.

Drug Paraphernalia and it’s Dangers

There are numerous sorts of paraphernalia that addicts will use when taking drugs.

By law, the term paraphernalia implies “equipment, product or material of any kind that is intended or designed for use in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Compounding
  • Converting
  • Producing
  • Processing
  • Preparing
  • Injecting
  • Ingesting
  • Inhaling


Otherwise presenting a controlled element into a persons body.

Given the broadness of the definition, it is clear that drug paraphernalia is not limited to only a few objects.

Recognize Drug ParaphernaliaMost Used Drug Paraphernalia You Should Be Aware Of:

It can be carefully said that if you feel your adolescent or near one is using drugs, it is valuable to be conscious of the everyday varieties of drug paraphernalia.

When juxtaposed with an alteration in conduct, character variances and further cautioning signs, recognizing the paraphernalia can aid you in saving a life.

Pipes and Bongs

These are frequently used to smoke marijuana as well as additional inhalable illicit drugs. But today they may look a little different then they did years ago.  Makers have started creating many ways to hide paraphernalia in normal looking items that you would never even consider checking.


Cash bottles, medication bottles as well as tiny vials are used to carry drugs and at the same time keep them hidden.


Other items that are used for hiding substances are unfilled squirt cans, cylinders of glue and inflatables.


Needles are used commonly for arterial drug usage.. You must watch out for unfilled glass containers, spoons and other alike medicinal gear.

Addiction treatment is possible but you as a friend or family member must observe and intervene in a proactive way to stop the person from using drugs.

Check out the PDF from The United States Department of Justice on recognizing drug paraphernalia