The Cost of Addiction

The Infographic below, “Annual Cost of Addictions“, highlights not only drug addiction but gives us some statistics on other dangerous addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and fast food.

Heroin is one of the most expensive addictions costing on average $10,030 a year.  These costs are not only incurred by the users.  According to illicit drug use costs the US economy more than $193 billion annually.

The Cost of Addiction

Methamphetamines cost rougly $4,180 a year and cocaine addiction more than doubles that costing addicts on average $8,930 per year.

“The economic cost of illicit drug use is significant,” NDIC Director, Michael F. Walther, said in a press release. “The study’s finding that the economic cost of illicit drug abuse totaled $193 billion reveals that this nation’s drug problem is on par with other health problems.”

While illegal drug use is huge problem, it’s sometimes the less expensive addictions that pose the most threat. The cost of fast food addiction may pale in comparison to that of a heroin addiction but don’t be fooled by the numbers.  Being so cheap and accessible makes those burgers and fries extremely lethal…!