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Adults and teens tend to turn to stimulants when they cannot cope with the stress that comes with ADHD. ADHD makes one feel like they would rather live outside of their body because they stand the feeling of constant crawls or heavy thoughts weighing down on every single thing they try to do.

Drugs that make you relax are always better than the constant feeling of boredom, maddening impulsivity, and unstable mental state. Studies estimate that 25% of people are struggling with ADHD and will justify using drugs because they are using legal options like marijuana and alcohol.

Signs You Suffer From ADHD

  • You have trouble keeping a focus
  • It is easy for you to forget tasks
  • You get distracted easily
  • It is impossible to sit still
  • You find yourself interrupting people when they are talking

These are only a few signs of ADHD. You would need a medical professional to perform an accurate diagnosis and eliminate the possibility that maybe you have a hyperactive personality and quick thoughts that are controllable with a bit of therapy taming.

Self-medication can take a lot of different shapes, including drug abuse, to help calm the nerves. Our co-occurring disorder and dual diagnosis treatment center explores the different ways that dual diagnosis will help ADHD and addiction to drugs, so you never have to resort to poor options like drugs.

ADHD And Addiction To Drugs

Alcohol offers temporary relief from the condition because it reduces anxiety. Most people who turn to alcohol always end up down because they do not know how to dissect their problems and retain a stable psychological state.

Prescription Drugs

Teens will always get addicted to medication because they were prescribed for their initial ADHD issue. Some of these prescription drugs become addictive because nothing else can give them the same peace of mind and energy to live everyday life.

Teens tend to be the most affected of the lot because they are forming a bad habit at a tender age, which means they will keep up with it for longer and therefore need more profound help than most. Dual diagnosis treatment in Malibu is an excellent way of ending this destructive cycle before it blooms into worse addiction issues.

Recovery From ADHD Related Addictions

How to deal with dual diagnosis? Our luxury rehab takes on an educative stance, where we teach patients what ADHD looks like and how it ties into their drug addiction illness. The insight provides a lot of positive contribution to their healing journey, especially when they learn that they have the power to manage their symptoms and live a drug-free life. Some steps towards the treatment of a common condition with a dual diagnosis will look something as follows:

  • Medication to support the brain in keeping a calm reaction
  • Education about the side effects of overdosing on drugs for ADHD
  • Importance of adjusting the diet and lifestyle to hack your body and mind towards better health and a relatively stable state

We have more than one dual recovery program for ADHD-related substance abuse and can provide you with a great chance to deal with both matters conclusively. Contact us online to book your personalized consultation at our mental health managing center.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Malibu

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