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24 hour helpline call usDr. Mohammad Addresses Need For Parents To Communicate With Kids About Alcohol And Marijuana At Home.

Addiction and alcoholism treatment expert Dr. Mohammad vows to educate the community about the importance of proper communication between parents and their children.

Malibu, CA –Dr. A. Reza Mohmmad, Founder of Inspire Malibu, recognized by many as one of the top California rehab centers, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California, announced today that he and his team of addiction and alcoholism treatment experts from Inspire Malibu will be addressing the public about the important role parents play with regard to the decisions their children make about alcohol and marijuana. According to new research from North Carolina State University, school programs that address alcohol and marijuana use are valuable, but the bonds parents form with their children are more important with regard to behavior associated with alcohol and marijuana.

Dr. Mohammad said, “According to the North Carolina State data, parental involvement is more important than the school environment when it comes to preventing or limiting alcohol and marijuana use by children. While data like this is not surprising, it makes community outreach mission-critical for addiction professionals; parents need to know how critical it is that they communicate with their children and more importantly, they need to be armed with the proper information.” Dr. Mohammad added, “While school programs are fantastic, having a well-informed and safe home environment is crucial for curbing and even preventing alcohol and marijuana abuse.”

Dr. Mohammad and the Inspire Malibu team will be addressing proper communication techniques during their next town hall meeting. He added, “Effective communication and trust at home goes a long way; however, parents need to be sharing the right information. We encourage any parents with questions or concerns about addiction to contact us immediately. Our team of experts is committed to helping families communicate about addiction and helping them determine when treatment is the best option.”

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