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Safe Opiate Detox & Recovery From Opiates Including Oxycontin

Last Updated on February 9, 2017 by Inspire Malibu

Vision of Care and Rehabilitation to Opiate Users with a Safe Opiate Detox and Recovery

A second drug company has confirmed it will manufacture and market a new form of Hydrocodone in a pure form addictive painkiller. Hydrocodone is the main ingredient in Vicodin, Lortab and other powerful painkillers. Dr. Torrington at Inspire Malibu applies breakthrough scientific advances in oxycontin addiction treatment providing the finest patient care for opiate withdrawal and addiction.

Dr. Torrington is an addiction specialist at Inspire Malibu. He has successfully implemented his vision of care and rehabilitation to opiate users with a safe opiate detox and supervised treatment program. The new opiate Hydrocodone drugs being manufactured and released to the public are feared to cause an increase in abuse of the super-potent prescription painkillers.

Drug companies make billions of dollars each year marketing opiates to doctors for pain management. Oxycontin addiction treatment is on the rise due to the drug being so highly addictive and tempting.

Experts believe opiates are necessary for justifiable pain control. Critics fear the new Hydrocodone drugs could unleash a new wave of abuse similar to the rising of OxyContin popularity in the 1990s. Oxycontin addiction treatment must be monitored and carefully administered in order to prevent a user from relapsing.

Oxycontin addiction is a possessive situation that leaves addicts feeling out of control and craving more of the medicine to feel “normal”. Oxycontin is an opiate which is in a class similar to opium. Hydrocodone, oxycodone and morphine all fall into this category. With the rise of prescription painkiller abuse; oxycontin detox is a growing necessity which requires an implementation of a precise and strategic formula of recovery.

When Oxycontin is abused the physical dependence needs to be assessed and moderated through the withdrawal process. Users attempting to stop may suffer from suicidal thoughts, anxiety, muddled thinking, intense stomach cramps, heart palpitations, muscle pain and extreme nausea.

Dr. Torrington, who oversees addiction recovery at Inspire Malibu states, “I founded Inspire Malibu because the majority of alcohol and drug rehabs fail to perform even the most basic medical diagnosis on their clients, they put their health and recovery into the hands of people who have neither medical credentials nor board certifications, and provide all their patients with the exact same regimen of meetings and lectures.”

“Meetings are not medicine, support groups are not medical treatment for a medical condition, and to deny comprehensive medical care to someone suffering from a chronic medical condition is an outrage.”

“At Inspire Malibu, each individual patient receives a custom crafted treatment plan specific to their needs, whatever their religion, race, gender or nationality.” Dr. Torrington’s breakthrough scientific advances are creating a buzz throughout the addiction treatment world.

The new Hydrocodone drug is being highly promoted to doctors around the nation who are encouraged to supply it to their patients. Inspire Malibu is awake to the epidemic of opiate abuse and has successfully helped countless individuals find new found personal freedom from opiates. The cutting edge drug treatment facility specializes in rehab for the abuse of oxycontin and is a first responder to the symptoms and treatment of oxycontin withdrawal.

Call us Toll-Free at 1-800-444-1838 to find out more about our Safe Opiate Detox and Recovery From Opiates.

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