Why Should I Stop Putting Off and Start Living My Life Today?

How much time have you already spent worrying instead of doing something you love? What if you just had one more day, what would you do?

28,835 Jellybeans - one for each day of lifeMost of us take life for granted, that we have plenty of time left to do the things we really want to do. So we put off until tomorrow doing what we should have started yesterday, or the day before.

I’ll start my diet tomorrow, I’ll spend time with my kids when I finish my report next week, I’ll begin traveling after I retire, I’ll go on the wagon after the 4th of July holiday is over. Sound familiar?

We recite the timeworn cliche, “there’s no time like the present,” so well that it’s lost its luster and has no valuable meaning any more. Too bad nobody ever does anything about it.

So to get your butt in gear, we found this gem of a video that uses jellybeans of all things to show us how precious our time is, and how quickly it is consumed by the things we “normally do” versus the things we “want to do.”

The video is based on the average life of a 79-year-old person, and each jellybean represents one day of life. That’s 28,835 jellybeans. It sounds like a lot of days, but as you’ll see in the video, those days, or beans, are more precious than most of us realize.


Pretty sobering video, eh? If you’ve been putting off something that’s important to you or your family, now is the time to get your life back and start taking better care of those jellybeans. They won’t last forever.

The data used in this video is from the American Time Use Study by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Watch this video on YouTube here.


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