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Effects of Hallucinogens and Their Impact

Hallucinogens are basically synthetic or natural substances that upset the communication between the brain and central nervous system so as to disrupt an individual’s viewpoint of reality. Although not as widespread or publicized, hallucinogen abuse is a significant problem in the Unites States. Used for their mind-altering effects, they have a long history of use […]


The Link Between Meth Addiction and Parkinson’s

Scientists have identified a possible connection between Parkinson’s and the usage of methamphetamine.  According to the Science Daily report, a protein has been found that is not just integral to the process that leads to Parkinson’s disease but it could also play a part in causing the high that is attained when using methamphetamine as well as […]


Dilaudid Addiction Treatment

Dilaudid Addiction is an issue in the U.S. which is growing rapidly.  Scientifically speaking, Dilaudid is hydromorphone hydrochloride and is a part of the opioid class of prescription drugs. The term hydromorphone indicates that Dilaudid is a derivative of Morphine, which is made using the sap of the poppy plant. The sap is also used […]


Klonopin Addiction and its Dangers

Klonopin is a strong muscle relaxer and anti-convulsant drug that is used by physicians to treat patients suffering from epilepsy and to help them relieve specific types of panic attacks. It is available in both a pill and a disintegrating tablet form and is normally taken one to three times a day. It is a […]


Does Antabuse Help Treat Chronic Alcoholism?

Noticed in 1948 by coincidence by scholars at a drug firm in Denmark, Antabuse was invented to counteract parasitic contamination but the personnel who were examining it also discovered that they had dangerous effects when they drank alcohol. When an individual takes Antabuse regularly and if he/she consumes alcohol, the results are quite distressful. Because […]


Recognizing Drug Paraphernalia

Many parents, teachers, and family members are often not aware of a loved one’s drug use or addiction even when the evidence of Paraphernalia is sitting right in front of them. Based on the type of drug used, the method of using the drug, and access to money, the paraphernalia used can range from unassuming […]


The Cost of Addiction

The Infographic below, “Annual Cost of Addictions“, highlights not only drug addiction but gives us some statistics on other dangerous addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and fast food. Heroin is one of the most expensive addictions costing on average $10,030 a year.  These costs are not only incurred by the users.  According to DrugFree.org illicit […]


Is Alcohol Detox Necessary? Take The Free Alcohol Test

Alcoholism is a common problem in the United States, with roughly 15 million Americans reported to have an alcohol dependence or abuse disorder. Research reveals that alcohol adversely affects the body and disrupts many of the organ systems. Many people think alcohol only has an adverse impact on the brain, but the illustration below shows […]


Xanax Addiction

Xanax is the brand name for alprazolam and is part of the benzodiazepine (benzo) drug class. Becoming addicted to Xanax is quite easy so much so that those taking it for non-medical purposes can become addicted to it after 2 weeks. Xanax is usually taken at regular intervals to counterbalance its short half-life. What are […]


5 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Everybody likes to have a drink or two while at a party or after a long tiring day. But the need for a reality check arises when this habit changes from a drink or two and becomes something that you are physically and psychologically dependent on. In the past few years alcohol has become a […]


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