5 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Signs of Alcohol AbuseEverybody likes to have a drink or two while at a party or after a long tiring day. But the need for a reality check arises when this habit changes from a drink or two and becomes something that you are physically and psychologically dependent on. In the past few years alcohol has become a substance that is abused by people of all ages.

If you find yourself or anyone you love becoming too close to alcohol then there is need to check for the following signs of alcoholism:

1. Loss of Control Over Drinking Habits

If you start to drink more alcohol than you intended to, or have trouble controlling how much you drink once you start, it’s a clear cut sign of the beginning of addiction.

2. Increased Tolerance

Increased tolerance for alcohol is one symptom that many people continue to ignore for a long period of time. The higher your tolerance increases for alcohol, the more you’ll need to get the same effect. Thus, increased tolerance easily leads to alcohol addiction.

3. Alcohol Disrupting Your Normal Life

As soon as you start feeling that your craving for alcohol is rising uncontrollably and it has started affecting your personal and professional life take the first clue of addiction. You continue to drink even though it’s causing problems at work or in your life. In fact, if you spend your day thinking about your next drink or go out of the way to get one, then these are clear science of alcohol abuse.

4. Broken Promises

These are the promises of reducing or stopping the consumption of alcohol to yourself or your family. If you find that you are unable to keep a promise made to yourself and ‘have’ to drink then the indication is quite clear.

5. Giving Up Other Activities to Drink More & Physical Withdrawal

When normal drinking reaches the stage of dependence and you are willing to give up other important activities including spending time with your loved ones then it is time to stop and think.

However, the most severe and critical warning is the arrival of withdrawal symptoms which include:

  • Shakes
  • Irritability
  • Headaches
  • Several other physical problems