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One on One Counseling for Addiction

One on One Therapy

One on One Counseling for Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Inspire Malibu treats each individual client’s condition on a personalized basis that is designed to fit the unique needs of each of our clients. Your clinical situation is personal and private. By law, it is completely confidential between you and your personal physician. The most effective treatment for a highly personal clinical condition, especially one with behavioral “side effects,” is one on one counseling treatment.

There are many benefits of group therapy and we use them as well, but it’s the personalized setting between a client and an addiction specialist that uncovers many problems that can be solved throughout the recovery process.

In the beginning stages of treatment and recovery, it’s often difficult for many people to open up and share their experiences with people they don’t know in a group setting. Getting started in one-on-one sessions with a therapist helps break the ice and most people come to realize in a short time that they are in a caring place where judgment and criticism don’t exist.

Individualized One to One Therapy

Inspire Malibu is dedicated to meeting your needs, and your life. The foundation of all effective treatment for clinical conditions is the personal application of the appropriate approach to the specifics of the individual’s needs.

Our experienced, compassionate, and understanding therapists and physicians work with clients one-on-one to create a nurturing environment. It is in this most supportive and understanding of environments that the proven effective therapeutic models used at Inspire Malibu have their most profound life-enhancing influence.

According to addiction research studies, specifically by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the most effective treatment options pair group therapy together with one-on-one individual therapy. Their research found that unfortunately, many treatment centers only use group therapy without individual therapy because it is more expensive to provide both and many don’t have enough available staff for one on one work.

We provide both types of sessions with our patients – group and individual counseling – because we feel it’s necessary to customize a unique approach for each person. While group sessions are important, providing time for addiction treatment on an individual basis shows the most successful outcomes.

Proven Therapies For Addiction Treatment

In conjunction with our One on One Counseling, we utilize a variety of other proven therapies for successful addiction treatment including CBT, MET, and DBT.

All of these additional therapies can be used long after treatment has ended and can be used later in life and in other areas of personal growth.


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