The Anatomy Of Addiction

The Anatomy Of Addiction

As compelling as it is informative and authoritative, The Anatomy of Addiction will lead you to a better understanding about the causes, prevention, and treatment of addiction. It explains in layman’s terms what constitutes effective, evidence-based addiction medicine and how to find it. This book provides actionable, scientific information for addicts and their families and details how to avoid so-called rehab clinics that are at best useless and at worst dangerous and even life threatening.


Introduction: The Invisible Epidemic That’s Killing Us
  • Chapter 1. Addiction Is Preventable. Addiction Is Treatable.
  • Chapter 2. The Ten Biggest Myths of Addiction
  • Chapter 3. The Medical Illness of Addiction
  • Chapter 4. The Medical Consequences of Addiction
  • Chapter 5. The Process of Effective Treatment
  • Chapter 6. Painless Detox
  • Chapter 7. Maintenance and Relapse
  • Chapter 8. Dual Diagnosis
  • Chapter 9. Teens and Young Adults
  • Chapter 10. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Real and Preventable
Epilogue: Overcoming the Culture of Disbelief

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