“This book is an absolute must read for everyone touched by addiction.”

The Anatomy Of Addiction

As compelling as it is informative and authoritative, The Anatomy of Addiction, by Dr. Akikur Mohammad, M.D., will lead you to a better understanding about the causes, prevention, and treatment of addiction. It explains in layman’s terms what constitutes effective, evidence-based addiction medicine and how to find it.

This book provides actionable, scientific information for addicts and their families and details how to avoid so-called rehab clinics that are at best useless and at worst dangerous and even life threatening.


Introduction: The Invisible Epidemic That’s Killing Us

  • Chapter 1. Addiction Is Preventable. Addiction Is Treatable.
  • Chapter 2. The Ten Biggest Myths of Addiction
  • Chapter 3. The Medical Illness of Addiction
  • Chapter 4. The Medical Consequences of Addiction
  • Chapter 5. The Process of Effective Treatment
  • Chapter 6. Painless Detox
  • Chapter 7. Maintenance and Relapse
  • Chapter 8. Dual Diagnosis
  • Chapter 9. Teens and Young Adults
  • Chapter 10. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Real and Preventable

Epilogue: Overcoming the Culture of Disbelief

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