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Inspire Malibu Reviews by Past Patients

inspire malibu review

Inspire Malibu Reviews

Dear Inspire Malibu Staff and Professionals

Inspire Malibu ReviewI am writing this note to thank each and every one of you for the exemplary care that you have given to my son during his time with you. Upon my recent visit last week to your facility I had the pleasure to meet many of you in person and connect the faces to the voices and the names that my son speaks so highly of. It was indeed a pleasure to actually see for myself the people who have changed his life. I say with the utmost sincerity that had it not been for all of you, my son would not be where he is today.

My husband and I are forever grateful for what you do and also for the warmth and the guidance that you give to a boy who is thousands of miles away from his family. It had been more than 7 months since I had seen my son and although we speak often, nothing can compare to actually seeing the places and the people that have touched his life. You give so much of yourselves to others and it shows. I am so grateful to see that he is treated like family.

Once again I want to thank the team at Inspire Malibu for your dedication to help, motivate and continue to support families struggling with addiction. Without that first phone call a year ago, the friendly voice of Bob Howland on the other end, our family would not be smiling today. Bob has been the lifeline to our sons sobriety to this day. He is our mentor as well. We owe everything to him and to Inspire Malibu. You have made all things possible…all of you. It is teamwork.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing my son back.

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