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Keys To Recovery Newspaper

Keys to Recovery Newspaper

Keys to Recovery Newspaper

Founders of the popular and growing publication, Keys to Recovery Newspaper, Jeannie Rabb-Marshall, Marcus Marshall and Beth Stern, explain how they are spreading the message of hope and recovery.

With our Newspaper people can literally carry the message, because that’s what Keys To Recovery is, we carry the message of hope to as many people as possible.

Highlights from the Podcast

What’s the Story Behind Keys to Recovery Newspaper?

Well the first thing with the newspaper, the way we came to be is I actually used to work for a different newspaper, Steps To Recovery. And I had a business partner. And we kinda ran it for the family who owned it and, uh, it was going really well. I had quit my job in corporate America to, you know, help Jason Levin, who was the publisher and, uh, president at the time, and we did really well. It was kinda on the verge of going down and so I quit my job and went on unemployment and I told him if I couldn’t revenue, uh, if I couldn’t generate enough revenue in 3 months that it probably wasn’t going to happen.

What happened within a year we were breaking even. You know, which was unheard of. It had never happened before. But Jason passed away. He died in the office. He was 40 years old and sober and he had a heart condition. I tried to keep the newspaper, but it was, it was just, I mean it was devastating.

So I quit and I went back to corporate America. I went on a mission to Africa to help orphans. I was a little lost. And then, you know, it’s been probably 8 or 9 years and what happened is, you know, a lot of people had asked me, “Why don’t you continue it?” And I just didn’t have the heart for it, you know. The, and I remember Beth was in sales and marketing. I said “We should do this.” And at first we just started talking about it, and then I was talking with my husband, Marcus. And then one thing led to another and before you knew it we actually just took the jump.

Who writes the Articles?

It’s kind of a collaborative thing. First of all we think of some topics and then it takes on a mind of its own. We reach out to many people and the response has been great. And so what happens is people start writing every month for us. If people want to write for the Newspaper we just tell them it has to be more of an article. It can’t be like an advertorial where they’re talking about themselves. It has to be about a subject.

Whether, you know, like we’re doing eating disorders, we’re, we’re looking at gambling. We’ve done sex addiction. I mean just a little bit of everything, but our focus is drugs and alcohol and the recovery from it. We’re getting people who have clinical and personal knowledge. They share their experience, strength, and hope, whether they’re a therapist or, you know, or they’re a recovering addict and alcoholic. We have people that are leaders in the industry right now.

How Does Keys To Recovery Newspaper Help People with Addiction?

Well it’s not just addiction, it’s eating disorders as well and the articles are educational. We address a problem and then we follow it up with solution. All the articles have to have problem and solution. What I tell everyone when they wanna submit something I say it has to end with hope. We’re getting people who have clinical knowledge and then personal knowledge. And what they do is they share their experience, strength, and hope, whether they’re a therapist or, you know, or they’re a recovering addict and alcoholic. Sometimes it’s, you know, both. Everything in there actually talks about, you know, solution, solution.

And we have a 2-page resource guide, and this is really important because we put that together for free and that lists all of the homeless shelters, all of the hotlines, whether it’s a rape hotline, a runaway hotline, a food hotline and everything in between.

Are There Any Other Publications Like This Out There?

There’s some similar but they are high end glossy magazines that come out quarterly and cost upwards of six dollars. Our Newspaper is free and we distribute everywhere from Skid Row to Jails, to Cedars Sina Hospital, to Luxury Treatment Centers. We distribute everywhere we can and leave no one out. We want to make sure that everyone who can benefit from this paper has access to it. We’re giving hope.

Someone said to me, “Well, I don’t think you’re our demographic.” I said, “Look, we’re everybody’s demographic. If somebody needs hope they’re our demographic.” If, you are an alcoholic, you know an alcoholic, or not just alcoholic, eating disorders, gambling, anything addictive, even people with depression, you can benefit from Keys To Recovery Newspaper.

Where is Keys To Recovery Newspaper Distributed?

Mainly through out Southern California but we are expanding very quickly across the country. We’re in Florida, New York, we Fed Ex our newspapers all over and we’re adding on distribution each release. The growth right now is amazing. If you want to see a list of places that carry the paper or if you want to inquire about getting a paper you can visit our website and get in touch with us.

How Has the Recovery Community Changed Over the Years?

I got sober the first time in 1980 and back then there was not this many treatment centers. There was no intensive outpatient, I mean it was basically psychiatric facilities but now it’s grown like crazy and the options and resources that are available to people are tremendous.

What Are the Future Plans for Keys To Recovery?

Well we want to stabilize and then we wanna get private subscriptions. We want to get deeper and deeper into the communities. We wanna saturate all the surrounding counties. Go up to San Francisco, San Diego and really saturate California and just keep growing. A lot of it that we remain flexible and adaptable. If you have a plan and if you’re so married to that plan you become rigid and you might break.

So we practice flexibility and adaptability because you just never know what you’re gonna need, where you’re gonna go, what you’re gonna do. And we also want to like get into the prisons. Somebody said “oh the criminals, is that really your target area.” I said, “Well, you know rich people go to prison too, right?” Our goal is to be everywhere because everyone knows an addict.

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