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Nicole Riviere, Yoga Therapist

Nicole Riviere

Nicole Riviere

Nicole Riviere
Nicole Riviere – Yoga Therapist

Yoga Therapist

Nicole Riviere came to Los Angeles in 1997 to pursue a professional dance career in the entertainment industry. In 2000, she took up a regular yoga practice for exercise and panic disorder, something she suffered with for several years after a trip to China on a dance job. The practice helped her to trust the flow and calm her racing mind. Over the years, she began to feel that yoga was much more than physical, and the benefits of focus, softness, flexibility and strength provided tools for life. Yoga became a spiritual practice, and in 2009, Nicole completed her Yoga Alliance accredited teaching certification at Rising Lotus Yoga and began teaching.

In 2011, Nicole studied with Maty Ezraty, the original founder of YogaWorks; and fell in love with Maty’s emphasis on alignment as a means to find focus, healing and strength. Then, in 2012, while stepping away from her 13 year dance career, Nicole found her teacher and mentor, Annie Carpenter; and completed her second teacher training and a mentorship with Annie. She continues to train with Annie, and is deeply grateful for her discipline, love and guidance.

Nicole came to Inspire Malibu in 2011, bringing yoga with a therapeutic approach; specifically aimed at aiding in recovery. Nicole teaches restorative yoga that relaxes the body and calms the nervous system and mind. She also teaches breathing techniques and meditations to facilitate self awareness, mindfulness, and healing; giving one a deep sense of peace. Her expertise also comes from growing up in a home of alcoholism and addiction, and working her own recovery in
the process. Shanti. (Peace.)


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