Malibu Drug and Alcohol Rehab Addiction Treatment Center

Malibu Drug Alcohol Rehab Addiction Treatment Center

Malibu is a vibrant community that is in close proximity to one of the best drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers in the world. Inspire Malibu is the premier drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that focuses on individualized care for every patient that enters the program.

Inspire Malibu is a secular, non 12 step foundation drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. With individualized care, Inspire Malibu treats the whole individual needs and is well equipped to address the wide array of issues that are often times associated with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. The Inspire Malibu treatment facility is inspiring and restful.  The stunning views and high-quality amenities assist in creating a desirable healing retreat.

Inspire Malibu Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Center

Inspire Malibu offers the most effective, research-based alcohol and drug treatment. Our clinical team is a handpicked group of caring, experienced, professionals, who are unmatched in the industry. Every aspect of Inspire Malibu’s program has been researched and proven to work. By focusing on the root cause of an individual patient’s issues, our staff is able to identify and carefully address the core patterns that have caused a continual return to self-destructive behaviors.

Inspire Malibu Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Each client is treated with a custom-designed treatment plan to address his or her personal needs. Inspire Malibu clinical staff provides the right combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET). Additionally, each client receives art therapy in order to help them connect with his or her creativity and underlying issues.

Inspire Malibu Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers Dual Diagnosis

Inspire Malibu is a leader in the successful treatment of dual diagnosis. Dual diagnosis occurs when a person suffers from alcohol and/or drug abuse as well as a psychological condition, including Depression, Bi-polar, Panic or Anxiety. Both conditions must be accurately diagnosed and then properly treated, to ensure the achievement of long-term recovery.

Malibu Drug Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centers

Deciding on the best drug and alcohol rehab treatment center is a very important decision. It can make the difference between someone being successful in recovery. Most drug and alcohol rehab centers are good. Does the question become what is the right treatment plan and facility for the person? Finding the right drug rehab treatment center is a process of matching up the person’s needs with the best program that is right and most suited to the individual.

Choosing The Best Drug Alcohol Treatment Center

Picking the best rehab is a very important decision.  There are plenty of 30 day rehab treatment centers around the country. Some questions to consider when choosing a drug and alcohol rehab treatment program are:
  • Is it certified?
  • Is it nearby, in order for loved ones to visit?
  • Does the staff have good credentials?
  • Is it too demanding or not demanding enough?
  • Is a physician on staff?
  • Does it actively involve the patient and family members in the rehabilitation decision-making process?

More On Malibu Drug Alcohol Rehab Centers

It can be a difficult choice to decide the best treatment program for someone who needs rehab. There is no known rating system for ranking the best rehab programs in the United States. The reason may be because there are so many different types of alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers and Malibu has an inspiring community of programs. It is important to gather enough information on the drug and alcohol program regarding the intake process (is detox necessary?) the treatment plan itself, any prescription drugs that may be administered and used, and then finally, the aftercare program. Having knowledge of these three components can help to determine what treatment program covers the whole individual process of rehabilitation to promote the most long-term success.
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