Avoiding Romantic Relationships in Early Recovery

Why Romantic Relationships May Hinder Your Path to Sobriety
The road to recovery is one that requires focus, time, and determination. During this journey of re-empowering yourself, you must be in the right mindset in order to yield successful results. Despite popular belief, jumping into a romantic relationship may not be good for your health during this time. Many individuals on the road to sobriety assume that settling down and finding someone to promote their happiness while on their sober path is the next step, however, this can prove to be extremely consequential.

avoiding the complexities of romance in early recovery is recommendedIn fact, most Alcoholics Anonymous groups will purposely assign same-sex sponsors to those in recovery, as romantic relationships are to be avoided during this time. Yes, it is possible for a romantic relationship to succeed when you are newly sober, however, studies show that most romantic relationships that occur within the first year of sobriety take a turn for the worse.

The main reason why these romantic relationships fail is due to the vulnerability factor. Since sobriety is a new concept to you, you have a lot of growing and learning to do during this time. As you develop healthy habits and coping mechanisms to fight off cravings and conquer your addiction, you will need space and room to grow. Jump starting a romantic relationship at this time will not provide you with the space you need at this time to grow as an individual.

If love comes your way and it is impossible to resist, you must choose to a partner that is as committed to your recovery as you are. If you are serious about your sobriety, it is imperative that you do not invite any outside influences in that may negatively impact your recovery. Each emotional incident during this time will be more difficult to handle, as you are still finding your way in your new identity.

If you are already in a relationship as you begin recovery, it may be more difficult to manage. This individual must be completely invested in your sobriety and understand the phases of your recovery. Most importantly, you must both have your sobriety as a top priority and understand the importance of walking away if anything affects your ability to continue on the path to your true self. Anyone that loves you and has your best interests in mind will understand the importance of working on yourself before you can work on a relationship.

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