Kicking Your Technology Addiction

Tech Detox to Curb Technology Addiction

Technological advancements have definitely made life more convenient, but can they cause us harm at the same time? Technology addiction is real, no matter how exaggerated it may seem. Technology addiction can take the form of smartphone addiction, information addiction, and internet addiction. While you may be inclined to view this as less serious than alcohol or drug addiction, technology addiction has a wide range of commonalities with chemical addictions.

Cell Phone Addiction Symptoms and Digital Detox Tips
Technology Addiction

When an individual receives a text message or a “like” on Facebook, dopamine is released from the brain, which is the same pleasure chemical associated with drug use. Additionally, studies show that those addicted to technology also experience withdrawal symptoms, including panic, paranoia, irritability, confusion, and anxiety. If you think you may be a little too attached to your gadgets, try this tech detox:

  • How bad is your problem? This is the first step. If you wake up and check your phone before anything else, it is time to make a change. Try recording your tech use for a week to see exactly how much time you spend online or on your smartphone.
  • If step number one proved you are on your gadgets too much, it is time to schedule screen time. This means planning when you can and cannot use your tech gear.
  • Did you know that the simple act of wearing a watch can help you curb your tech use? Many of us use our phones for telling time now, which can be distracting, causing us to use other applications. Wearing a watch will help eliminate the number of times you check your phone.
  • This may sound counterproductive, but there are actually smartphone applications that can help you manage your smartphone use. The apps come with an alarm that blocks you out of a site if you have been browsing too long.
  • If you find yourself using technology in social environments, it is time to pull the plug. There is nothing more rude and discouraging than grabbing a bite to eat with an old friend only to have them looking down at their screen the whole time.
  • The final step of the tech detox is trying a whole day without your gadgets. This means leaving your phone at home from work and avoiding technology all day. Could you do it?

At Inspire Malibu, we provide customized treatment solutions for a wide range of addictions, including technology addiction. If you or someone you love is consumed by their gadgets or any other addiction, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can help determine which unique treatment option would best kick your addiction.

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