Celebrating International Women’s Day


In honor of International Women’s Day, Inspire Malibu wants to bring awareness to some of the struggles that women face when it comes to recovery and sobriety.

Although men are more likely to use illegal drugs than women, females are just as likely to develop substance abuse disorders, and once they do they are more susceptible to intense cravings and relapse.  Biological differences between men and women, such as the production of testosterone and estrogen, as well as average body size and composition, are all likely factors contributing to these adversities.

Resistance towards treatment is also higher in females than males, making it much harder for females to find sobriety. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, women’s substance use tends to progress more quickly from first use to addiction. Research also suggests that women are more likely to misuse prescription Opioids (like Oxycodone) and illicit Opioids (like Heroin) to self-medicate for pain or anxiety.

At Inspire Malibu, we understand how difficult it is for women to find their path to recovery, that is why we have created a safe place for women who are dedicated to changing their lives. At our facility, we guide women in their healing process on many levels through the use of massage therapy, yoga, trauma therapy, meditation and mindfulness. Our cutting-edge treatments like neurofeedback, MAT and motivational enhancement therapy are also available to those clients who would benefit from them.

Because we are aware of all of the underlying factors of substance abuse in females, we are compassionate, understanding, and empathetic with our female patients. Our aim is for women to overcome their traumas and defy the statistics. Throughout the years we have worked hard to help women become positive, contributing members of their community.  We have seen many people turn their lives around and reach a place of sobriety and happiness.

If you are, or if you know, a woman in need of help contact us to begin your journey to recovery because we believe in you.

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