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4 Drugs Every Parent Should Know About

Last Updated on September 3, 2015 by Inspire Malibu

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Drug usage among teens is on the rise in the US. Parents are having a hard time dealing with this widespread problem prevalent in even the well-respected schools. One of the major issues is the exposure of kids to new and more dangerous kinds of drugs. Here’s a list of some of the new drugs that all parents, whether in the US or anywhere else, should know about:

1) Synthetic Marijuana

While marijuana has been in use for ages, the synthetic form of the drug is relatively new on the market. It is often sold under the names K2 and Spice. Basically, these herbs are laced with synthetic cannabinoids. The compounds present in this drug are way more powerful than natural marijuana and stay in the body for a longer duration. You must ensure your kid’s browsing activity on the internet as it is easily available on online.

2) 2C-E

2C-E or Europa is a variant of its banned kins. Without getting into murky legal aspects of this drug’s status, it is important for you as a parent to understand its dangerous impact. The 2C-E is a part of phenethlyamines or hallucinogens with the same chemical structure. Basically, their effect is similar to that of Ecstasy. It is said that it is a mix of the effects of LSD and psychedelic mushrooms.

3) Bath Salts

Bath Salts, just like synthetic marijuana does not share a label that states its ingredients. So there is no way one can term them safe. It is virtually impossible for a person to know the place where it was manufactured or the conditions under which it was manufactured. While the DEA does its job of cracking down on drug dealers, the onus lies with you the parents to keep a track of your children’s activities. Bath Salts are extremely dangerous.

4) Fentanyl Patches

Harmful Drugs
Harmful Drugs

You will be shocked to know that the drug present in the Fentanyl patches is 100 times more powerful than heroin. You should stay aware and prevent your kids from using harmless looking patches or even transparent squares that have Duragesic 100 mcg/h (Fentanyl Transdermal System) written on them.

These and many other potent drugs have been taking young lives all around the globe. It is time that the concerned authorities wake up to the massive problem. If you are a loved one is in need of help, Inspire Malibu Treatment Center offers 100% science and evidence based treatment.

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