Alcohol Tolerance

24 hour helpline call usAlcohol is responsible for a large number of deaths, illnesses and injuries in the US. Besides tobacco, alcohol is one of the primary causes of premature deaths in the US and elsewhere. It is generally believed that consuming alcohol in small quantities is harmless. But many people who consume alcohol end up developing an addiction.

What is Alcohol Tolerance?

Alcohol ToleranceIf a person drinks regularly, his or her body builds up a tolerance to alcohol. Alcohol tolerance simply means that consumption of a constant amount of alcohol produces a lesser effects on an individual. In other words, a person needs to consume more and more alcohol to produce the same effect.

The Role of the Liver and Brain in Building Tolerance

The liver of a person who drinks large amounts of alcohol produces enzymes that break down alcohol at a rapid rate. As the liver is able to break down alcohol faster, the person needs to drink more alcohol to produce the same effect. The brain also plays an important role in this regard. With constant exposure to alcohol, the neurotransmitters in the brain adapt to the presence of alcohol. Gradually, with this adaptation, it becomes essential for a person to drink more alcohol to get the same effect. As the tolerance level of a person goes up, he needs to consume more alcohol to get the same effect. He ends up consuming alcohol to the level that is harmful for his or her long term and short term health. This can become the cause of several illnesses and diseases. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a wide range of illnesses that may prove to be fatal.
  • Liver Cancer
  • Heart Problems
  • Stomach Problems
  • Kidneys
  • Joints & Muscles
  • Lungs
  • Brain
For this reason, it becomes important for a regular drinker to take a break from alcohol. This will keep the tolerance level of the person low. It is important to note that our bodies react differently to alcohol and the amount of time needed to develop tolerance varies from person to person. For those who’ve developed an addiction to alcohol, it becomes essential to seek professional medical treatment with evidence based treatment. The services offered by alcohol detox centers may prove to be immensely useful in this regard. Equipped with the best facilities, alcohol detox centers ensure that withdrawal symptoms are properly managed.
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