Inspire Malibu CEO Anastasia Sarkar

anastasia sarkar

Anastasia Sarkar

anastasia sarkar
Anastasia Sarkar

CEO / Executive Program Director

Anastasia Sarkar received her Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business from the University of San Francisco. While at USF she also minored in French.

Before joining Inspire Malibu full time in 2018, she worked with the executive team to spearhead several high-profile marketing and business development initiatives. These proved successful in expanding the company’s public-facing profile while streamlining distinct core operational objectives.

Over the years she has worked as an Associate Program Director and in a variety of marketing and operational positions within the medical field.

In her role as Executive Program Director at Inspire Malibu, Ms. Sarkar oversees a wide range of responsibilities including staff and client management, administrative activities, maintaining efficient corporate operations, and ensuring compliance with all licensing bodies.

She has a thorough understanding of Inspire Malibu’s corporate mission and works closely with all team members to ensure there is an open line of communication between doctors, therapists, staff, and clients.

Ms. Sarkar’s main ambition is being able to bring a sense of hospitality and care towards each client’s recovery.

She is motivated by seeing someone transition from a low point in their life to leaving our facility feeling empowered, inspired, and able to make their life whole and happy again.

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