Non 12 Step Rehab Treatment Center Programs Pioneered by Dr. Akikur Mohammad

non 12 step rehabAddiction pioneer Dr. Akikur Mohammad founded Inspire Malibu, the leading non 12-step rehab treatment center programs in Malibu, California, with a focus on proprietary Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) models.

As Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California, Dr. Mohammad asserts the popularity of Inspire Malibu is due to our team’s science and evidence approach to addiction coupled with an individualized, holistic approach to the recovery needs of our patients.

We use effective research based treatment options that are proven to work, and regard Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as one of the most effective treatments for alcohol and substance abuse.

Understanding it’s important to have a choice in your method of aftercare, we provide non religious treatment as well as non 12 step programs and SMART recovery aftercare classes to meet everyone’s preferences and needs.

While we’re not opposed to AA and 12 step programs for “aftercare maintenance,” we respect each individual’s personal and spiritual beliefs, as noted in a ruling by a judge regarding addiction treatment.

The difference between Treatment and Aftercare

Non 12 Step Recovery Programs

There is absolutely no denying that addiction is a chronic illness that must be treated with proper treatment, just as you would Diabetes, high blood pressure or any other complex issue. You don’t treat Diabetes with self-help meetings; it is treated with uniform, secular professional treatment.

Our integrative non 12 step recovery programs have evolved over the past 10 years of working with substance abuse patients and utilize a variety of best practices in substance abuse treatment. One of the key areas that make our unique, non 12 step rehab recovery programs different from other approaches is a focus on Five Core Areas of Psychological Functioning.

Clinical Diagnosis Followed by Individual Treatment

Inspire Malibu is not opposed to 12 Step programs, or any program, religious or secular, that our clients find valuable as aftercare. We believe in empowering our patients, and the true first step to recovery is a full clinical diagnosis followed by individual treatment.

Our staff is experienced in all areas of addiction treatment and we begin by assessing each individual’s condition, followed by the appropriate, individualized treatment.

No two patients are alike and applying the same treatment to every patient will not be successful. The road to success begins with a clinical diagnosis by a physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist and following it up with the proper treatment.

We’re the Pioneer in Non 12 Step Treatment

THE MODERN METHOD – We use SMART Recovery Self Help Groups as alternatives to 12 Step Help Groups. We focus on non 12 step rehab programs because AA’s 12-Step program is not “treatment,” and many of our clients have come to us because they realized they needed to see a doctor more than they needed a meeting.

What is Smart Recovery?

We pioneered the non 12 step programs treatment approach to meet the needs of patients who are serious about recovery. It has shown to be the most effective approach to overcoming the conditions of alcoholism and drug addiction.

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