Types of Therapy and Treatment Programs

more individual 1 to 1 therapyInspire Malibu offers a comprehensive, individualized, all-therapy based program. We use only the most effective proven methods of treating drug and alcohol abuse according to evidence compiled from years of research data.Historically, the most popular form of addiction treatment was group therapy. But in the past decade, the use of multiple treatment modalities comprising a mix of group and individual therapy with cognitive therapy has been gaining ground, thanks to research that proves its success.Inspire Malibu was founded on the idea that no two individuals are the same, and using multiple treatment methods to get to the root cause of the addiction provides the best course of treatment in both the short and long term. Modeled after the research and teachings of Dr. A.R. Mohammad and his work at USC, below are some of the most successful methods we utilize at Inspire Malibu.


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Types of Treatment Services Provided

While the above treatment methods are some of our core therapies, the list below is a sampling of other types of therapy that are used in conjunction to complete a well-rounded and holistic approach to addiction treatment.


Our own evidence, combined with more than a decade of scientific research, has proven that multiple treatment methods provide the most successful outcomes for addiction recovery.

Used together, individual and group therapy, multiple cognitive therapies, relapse prevention, and appropriate after care maintenance are much more effective than using only one or two methods for treatment.

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