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Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome
Laws permitting some type of marijuana use have been on the books since 1996, when California first legalized the sale ... Read More
Bathing Lotion with Alcohol Kills Dozens of Russians
While the Russian government continues to dominate headlines in the United States, a quiet tragedy occurred late in 2016 to ... Read More
Monitoring the Future Declining Teen Drug Use
The 2016 numbers are in and research shows yet another year of declining drug and alcohol abuse among eighth, 10th ... Read More
Got Gout? Ditch the Booze and Alcohol
Known as "the disease of kings" or "the rich man's disease,” Gout earned these monikers centuries ago. The painful condition ... Read More
21st Century Cures Act
Amidst news of the Trump administration transitioning into the White House and constant pundit chatter about a deeply divided country, ... Read More
Pet Therapy Improves Recovery
It's difficult to measure the value of a good dog. Beyond mere anecdotal evidence, research suggests that dogs (and other ... Read More
Roadside DUI Tests Don't Drink and Drive
December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Traffic fatalities as a result of drug and alcohol use have unfortunately increased ... Read More
Alcohol Poisoning vs a Hangover
Most adults that imbibe socially, people who have the occasional drink with family and friends, or sometimes throw a few ... Read More
Treat PTSD With MDMA
To be clear, methylenedioxy-methamphetamine, known on the street as MDMA, molly, "E" or ecstasy, is an illicit and extremely dangerous ... Read More
Black Box Warning on Prescriptions
For many people, the phrase "black box" conjures images of emergency officials searching for a downed airplane's flight recorder in ... Read More
Change How We View Addiction - Surgeon General
For the past 65 years, the American court and prison system is where the majority of people struggling with substance ... Read More
The 27 Club - Artists and Musicians Who Died Too Young
It's an eerie coincidence that so many talented musicians and artists lost their lives at the age of 27, a ... Read More
Ikigai A Reason For Being
In the words of the late actress Katharine Hepburn, a fierce personality known for her spirited honesty, "Life is hard ... Read More
Wet Houses for Alcoholics
Wet Houses are residential housing facilities for homeless people suffering from chronic alcoholism. Unlike other shelters that require residents to ... Read More
Legalized Marijuana Map
Along with a new president, Americans in eight states voted for the passage of recreational or medicinal marijuana. Before the ... Read More

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