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Stress Management Therapy

Comprehensive Stress Management Therapy

Two women in living room smilingStress is normal. Chronic stress is not normal. Chronic stress leads to problems with attention and concentration, memory, decision-making, and abstract thinking. Chronic stress has been found to cause serious effects on the body in general and in the brain in particular. Chronic stress increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and damage to the brain’s memory center. Inspire Malibu provides comprehensive stress management therapy to fit your individual needs and personality.


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Chronic Stress Can Make You Sick

Stress negatively effects every aspect of the immune system. This is why people get sick when stressed, and why stress is a major contributing factor to the reactivation of many chronic illnesses, including addiction.

Simple stress can be treated by relaxation, exercise, listening to music, or going for a walk. Chronic stress is a different situation. When Chronic Stress is disrupting your life, it is best to consult with trained medical professionals. At Inspire Malibu we will diagnose exactly what is causing your stress, and offer you the best stress reduction techniques perfectly matched to your particular personality.

Breakthrough Science for Optimum Brain Health

In addition to proven effective stress reduction techniques, Inspire Malibu utilizes the latest scientifically validated brain chemistry adjustment modalities.

Depending upon individual needs, these may provide the perfect balance for optimum health. Only a thorough, comprehensive approach to diagnose and treat stress will address all aspects of chronic stress, including any underlying medical component, mental health factor, or social situations that trigger chronic stress responses.

Normal stress is part of daily living. Chronic Stress can wreak havoc on your life.


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