Our Treatment Guarantee

satisfactionVirtually unheard of elsewhere in the alcohol and drug rehab treatment industry, Inspire Malibu stands behind our cutting edge, holistic rehab protocol with a treatment guarantee. We do this by employing a variety of therapies and interventions that successfully treat the root causes of addiction. In turn, this process contributes to reducing and changing destructive behaviors that lead to addiction, instead replacing them with healthier behaviors in the addictive personality.

Any drug or alcohol rehab treatment program must be tailored to meet individual needs in order to ensure a successful outcome. Consequently, our treatment plans are designed to address the core issues contributing to addiction on a personal level, while maintaining compassion and respect between client and therapist throughout the process.

So committed to these principles are we that Inspire Malibu backs up our services with a treatment guarantee, being deeply dedicated to the complete recovery of our clients. Evidence shows that long-term alcohol and drug rehab treatment is substantially more successful than short-term care. As such, our long term, individualized science and evidence based protocols enable us to offer any potential client a feeling of support in making the right choice for care at Inspire Malibu’s treatment facility.

How It Works

If you embrace treatment for the length of time research shows is the most effective – 90 consecutive days or greater, and if you execute on the individual aftercare program we develop with you in treatment, then, should you need to for any reason, including relapse or other crisis before relapse, for the first year following your exit from treatment, we will take you back into treatment without charge for up to one month. Please call us for more information on the Treatment Guarantee at

Alcohol and Drug Treatment With Confidence

Given this bold commitment in our treatment program, which is supported by accumulated evidence from numerous positive outcomes, we have never refused anyone who needed follow-up help that requested exercising the guarantee. If you would like to learn more about our relapse prevention program, or any of our other science based therapies, give us a call for further details.


We successfully treat addiction and we stand behind our treatment with this offer. Our Addiction Treatment Guarantee speaks for itself.


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