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Top 25 Books On Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Working on one’s self is such an important thing to do. You just need to take the time and put in the effort. These are some of the top books that touch on some aspect of dug or alcohol addiction and each one of them has tools that you can use as a reference to overcome substance abuse and live a healthy life.

Best Drug and Alcohol Addiction Books

1. Seeking Safety: A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse – Lisa M. Najavitz

2. Overcoming Your Alcohol or Drug Problem: Effective Recovery Strategies 2nd Edition –  Dennis C. Daley, G. Alan Marlatt

3. Witness to the Fire: Creativity & the Veil of Addiction – Linda Schierse Leornard

4. In the Realm of Hungry Ghost: Close Encounters with Addiction – Gabor Mate, MD

5. Genius and Heroin: The Illustrated Catalog of Creativity, Obsession, and reckless abandon through the ages – Michael Largo

6. The Globalization of AddictionA Study in Poverty of the Spirit – Bruce K. Alexander

7. PATHWAYS from the Culture of Addiction to the Culture of Recovery – William L. White

8. ADDICTION & GraceLove and Spirituality in the Healing of Addictions – Gerald G. May, M.D.

9. Stop the Chaos WorkbookHow to Get Control of Your Life by Beating Alcohol and Drugs – Allen A. Tighe, M.S.

10. Trauma and Recovery; The aftermath of violence – from domestic abuse to political terror – Judith Herman, M.D.

11. Empowering Your Sober Self; The LifeRing Approach to Addiction Recovery – Martin Nicolaus

12. Sober for Good; New Solutions for Drinking Problems – Advice from Those Who Have Succeeded – Anne M. Fletcher

13. The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning – Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham

14. Rethinking Substance Abuse: What the Science Shows, and What We Should Do about it – William R. Miller and Kathleen M. Carroll, ed.

15. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Addiction:  A Treatment Planner for Clinicians – Christos Kouimtsidis, Martina Reynolds, Colin Drummond, Paul Davis and Nicholas Tarrier

16. Addictions and Trauma Recovery: Healing the Body, Mind & Spirit – Dusty Miller, Laurie Guidry

17. Reclaiming VIRTUE: How We Can Develop the Moral Intelligence to DO the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason – John Bradshaw

18. Double DutyDual Dynamics Within the Chemically Dependent Home – Claudia Black

19. Addiction to Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride – Marion Woodman

20. The Addictive Organization: Why We Overwork, Cover Up, Pick Up the Pieces – Anne Wilson Schaef, Diane Fassel

21. Essential Papers on Addiction – Daniel L. Yalisove, ed.

22. Changing for Good: A Revolutionary Six-Stage Program– Carlo C. Diclemente, PH.D

23. An Anatomy of Addiction: S. Freud, W. Halsted, and the Miracle Drug Cocaine – Howard Markel

24. America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life – Benoit Denizet-Lewis

25. Before it’s Too Late: Working with Substance Abuse in the Family – David C. Treadway, Ph.D.

Seeking Safety Overcoming Your Alcohol Drug Problem Witness To The Fire
 In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts Genius Heroin The Globalization of Addiction


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