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Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy During Isolation or Quarantine

Right now, most Americans, along with people all over the world, are staying at home to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. This necessary precaution can be difficult because the isolation of quarantine can have an impact on mental health, so it’s essential to practice positive mental habits to keep from going […]

Research Chemicals Like Tryptamines Are High Risk Drugs

Research Chemicals (RCs) are generally psychoactive substances, sometimes referred to as synthetic drugs, designer drugs, or New Psychoactive Substances (NPS). These types of substances have gained the most traction among users who attend large music festivals and even some smaller club-type venues. Unfortunately, they are also popular with college and high school kids who don’t […]

Measures to Prevent the Spread of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

By now, most people have probably heard about the increasing amount of Coronavirus (COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus) cases globally, domestically and, yes, even a very small number of cases locally, in the greater Los Angeles area. Inspire Malibu has put into place all measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus at our facility recommended by […]

What is the Role of Nutrition for Addiction Recovery?

March is National Nutrition Month, so it’s the perfect time to examine the role of healthy eating and nutrition for addiction recovery. Maintaining proper nutrition is one of the most effective ways to live a healthy and productive life. Though this may sound simple and straightforward, it can be a serious challenge for many Americans, […]

Cannabis Induced Psychosis (CIP): Can Marijuana Make You Psychotic?

There’s growing scientific evidence that marijuana, especially potent concentrates and strains of the drug, can lead to significant mental health problems, including psychotic breaks such as Cannabis Induced Psychosis (CIP) or diagnosable schizophrenia, according to some experts. While there are arguments among marijuana advocates surrounding these reports, government health officials are sounding the alarm. “It […]

Seeking a Psychological Assistant for a Primary Therapist position

Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facility located in Agoura Hills, California is seeking a Psychological Assistant for a Primary Therapist position. Primary responsibilities will be to provide individual, group and family therapy sessions for residential and outpatient clients. Must be able to work at least one weekend day. Requirements: Complete Clinical Assessments and treatment plan for […]