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9 Movies About Eating Disorders

With National Eating Disorders Awareness Week during the month of February, it’s important to highlight just how common eating disorders are. Contrary to the harmful stereotypes that exist about eating disorders, people of all ages, genders, races and socioeconomic backgrounds can suffer from these problems. It’s estimated that as many as 10 million men and […]

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week in February

February 25 to March 3, 2019 The stereotype is that serious and life-threatening eating disorders only effect a certain segment of the population. Among the most common misconceptions is that teenage girls and young women are more likely to fall prey to these illnesses. The fact is it’s common across all genders. “That [stereotype],” Claire […]

Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17 (Final Day of RAK Week)

Random Acts of Kindness Day is February 17 RAK Week is February 11 to 17, 2019 Here’s the thing about Kindness – it makes people feel good, it’s a totally free pastime and, as the Random Act of Kindness Foundation points out, it’s one of the only things in the world that doubles when you […]

Why Quitting Antidepressant Medication Can Be Dangerous or Make You Sick

Battling depression can make anyone feel isolated even though the chances are high that someone else they know is experiencing a similar situation. Depression is incredibly common. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that more than 16 million adults deal with a depressive episode each year. What is Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome (ADS)? Antidepressant Discontinuation […]

Medication Assisted Treatment Is Making Headway Over Self-Help Recovery

Though it’s not always the lead story these days, the epidemic of opioid addiction is still very much a lingering national health crisis. There were more than 70,000 fatal drug overdoses in 2017, the vast majority of which were opioid related, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). There have been a […]

Hemp is the CBD Rich Strain of Cannabis That Congress Made Legal in 2018

Hemp and marijuana are two different varieties of the same plant family, cannabis sativa. Both hemp and marijuana have cannabidiols (CBD), non-psychoactive chemicals that, according to advocates, can reduce anxiety, relieve pain and, at least in the case of industrial hemp, be a new type of cash crop for American farmers. In this case, hemp […]