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Alcoholism Treatment Pioneer Dr. Reza Mohammad Cautions Public Against Making Potentially Dangerous Year End Resolutions

Last Updated on September 21, 2015 by Irina

24 hour helpline call usAlcoholism Treatment Pioneer Dr. Reza Mohammad Cautions Public Against Making Potentially Dangerous Year End Resolutions

Addiction and alcoholism treatment expert Dr. Reza Mohammad encourages people struggling with addiction issues to avoid “Cold-Turkey” resolutions

Malibu, CA – Dr. Reza Mohammad, Founder of Inspire Malibu, recognized by many as the top drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers in Malibu, California, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California, today issued a public warning to all those setting themselves up for potential failure by making New Year resolutions that involve the immediate cessation of smoking, drinking, drug abuse, etc., without seeking proper medical guidance.

Dr. Reza Mohammad said, “While the holiday season is typically a time for over-indulgence, ushering in the new year generally means that the overindulgent make a drastic effort to stop indulging cold turkey; there could be no greater recipe for failure and in some scenarios, significant health risk or death.” Dr. Reza Mohammad added, “Whether you wish to stop smoking, drinking, eating or abusing drugs, you must have a well-planned, health-conscious strategy or the outcome will be disastrous under most circumstances. It is far safer and healthier to consult a medical professional when attempting to get control of addictive behaviors.”

Dr. Mohammad and his team will answer any questions and provide guidance to all those who submit addiction and behavior-related questions through the Inspire Malibu website. He added, “More often than not, people underestimate their physical and emotional dependency on the various vices they attempt to curb by making yearly resolutions. If they are lucky, they will white-knuckle their cravings and find some degree of success; however, the vast majority will resume their addictive behaviors – while many run the risk of severe discomfort, severe mood swings, seizures, irreversible medical conditions and even death if not in the care of a qualified medical expert. Contact our team today and we will help you not only make and stick to healthy, realistic resolutions but also will work with you to create the best possible you for 2013 and beyond.”

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