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Medication Assisted Treatment Facility

Medication Assisted Treatment Facility

The goal of any rehab center is to assist people with tools they can implement to begin living a drug-free life. A 2016 survey states that 28.6 million people were using illicit drugs, but only a tiny percent could receive professional rehab services. In other words, one in every 13 people gets substance abuse treatment, while the rest suffer in silence. The worst case is that many people will always end up with the worst results following drug abuse, such as death or mental illness.

Does Drug Addiction Treatment Work?

The short answer is, yes, it does. There are many different treatment programs in the market, so it is impossible not to find something to treat your addiction. The process of getting through addiction is challenging, and many people will relapse because they did not attend the best possible rehabs or receive personalized attention. It is only logical that one is both ready and cautious to get into rehab because you want to have a positive mindset about the therapy and protect yourself against possible complications.

Our medication-assisted treatment recovery center does not want to look at the general pros and cons of rehab but narrow it down to individual things that affect the actual impact of the rehab service. Keep reading to learn how each treatment recovery center in malibu will help you and whether joining a rehab with one or all of these programs will be the best fit for your situation.


Counseling is about offering therapeutic talks to patients, so they can open up the pathway to explore new ways of living. A significant benefit of counseling sessions is that we make it easy for people to open up and not hold judgment no matter what kind of situation they are battling.

Choosing to participate in addiction rehab services like counseling can only be stressful when you work with an incompetent therapist who does not know what to cover in the talk or is too invasive and constantly interferes with the natural flow of healing. It may be unhealthy to get into rehab if the professionals have a habit of offending their patients because you could end up in a much worse situation than before.

Our medication-assisted treatment facility focuses on bringing ultimate professionalism to any service. We do this by offering holistic services so your healing body can support your healing mind and emotions.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

MAT involves using certain drugs to replace the effect you were getting from standard drugs. Using these substances prevents adverse withdrawal effects and allows your body the energy to support full recovery.

A MAT center is beneficial because it stabilizes your body and prevents short and long-term adverse side effects like seizures, brain damage, or death. The only downside of MAT is that it can take years to work, and not many people have the strength or comfort of waiting for so long.

Inspire Malibu is a medication-assisted treatment addiction center that is all about customizing the proper treatment for you, and we do this by looking at your current status, history of addiction, and preferences. Contact us online to book personalized consultation before you begin treatment.

Medication Assisted Treatment Facility

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Medication Assisted Treatment Facility

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