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Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment

You’re not alone on your journey to addiction recovery; Inspire Malibu is at your side every step of the way, providing medication assisted treatment during detox and luxury inpatient rehab during your extended stay. If you’ve tried to beat an addiction in the past, you’ve probably found that it was not easy to get through withdrawals and other detox symptoms; in fact, relapse is common among those who try to detox at home. Our medication assisted treatment addiction center is a safe and comfortable place to heal from the effects of alcohol or drugs. Inquire about MAT treatment by calling 800-444-1838.

5 Clear Benefits of Medication Assisted Treatment at Inspire Malibu

1. In comparison with other treatment modalities during early-phase recovery, MAT is a superior choice. Medication Assisted Treatment may sound like replacing one addiction with another, but that’s not the case, at all. Comfort meds are delivered in a safe and supervised environment at Inspire Malibu, so there’s no chance of becoming addicted to the treatment. You’ll safely taper off of drugs or alcohol abuse through MAT.

2. Certain medications administered via MAT contain opioid antagonists, a strong deterrent from using. The opioid antagonists block any ability for the patient to get high; as well, the additive will make the patient sick if he or she tries to get high using opioids. MAT in our recovery center in Malibu is custom-tailored to the severity of your addiction and your personal recovery goals.

3. Patients in detox with a severe addiction are at a high risk of seizures and other dangerous and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms; without the use of Medication Assisted Treatment, life threatening withdrawal symptoms are a possibility. By starting treatment in our Medication Assisted Treatment recovery center, you’ll have around-the-clock access to the medications, support, and supervision you need to safely get through detox.

4. Experience seamless clinical integration between your pre-detox medical history and current services by selecting a rehab like ours for Medication Assisted Treatment. By working closely with you, we’ll be better able to help you achieve lasting sobriety with a customized tapering plan and ongoing addiction rehab services. Reach out to our MAT center for more information about programs, therapies, luxury amenities, and activities offered at Inspire Malibu.

5. MAT is effective. The secret to MAT’s success lies in its ability to integrate with other treatment modalities. Helpful medications alongside proven programs gives patients a higher success rate when compared with treatment alone. You have only to contact our Medication Assisted Treatment facility at 800-444-1838 to inquire about our history of success in treating patients with drug and alcohol addiction- we’re happy to take the time to address your questions in full and provide additional resources about our rehab that will help you determine whether we have the right program for your recovery journey.

Call our 24-hour helpline to verify your insurance benefits with our staff or take a virtual tour of Inspire Malibu online to see why so many recovery specialists believe we are the best choice for MAT and ongoing treatment for addiction.

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Medication Assisted Treatment

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