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Malibu Drug Rehab

Malibu Drug Rehab

Finding the right Malibu drug rehab may seem like a difficult task, but the fact is, you don’t have to spend hours on the internet or phone interviewing rehabs in order to find a quality program. Inspire Malibu is proud to offer a full range of treatment options and modalities to meet your every need. Inpatient and outpatient programs will keep you on track to achieving your recovery goals when you request placement at Inspire Malibu; feel free to call our helpline at any time to verify your insurance or speak with a recovery specialist.

5 Reasons Inpatient Addiction Treatment is Better Than An IOP

1. One of the first questions you’ll want to ask a drug rehab center in Malibu is whether they offer a quality residential program; recovery professionals agree that a longer commitment to treatment is needed in order to prevent a relapse and learn the skills necessary to avoid back-stepping during treatment. Inspire Maligu’s inpatient program spans 30-90 days, with options for extended care if needed. Reach out to our residential rehab center by calling 800-444-1838 if you need help to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

2. Committing to an inpatient rehab for drug addiction proves you’re serious about getting help. If you’ve made promises to friends and family members only to go back on your word, this is your chance to get the help you need without backing out. Our drug rehabilitation center will provide 24-hour support and remove triggers and temptations while you begin healing from addiction starting on ‘day one’ in recovery.

3. An IOP is best used as a step-down program once you’ve completed detox and residential treatment. Intensive Outpatient Programs can provide ongoing support, however, they typically aren’t able to offer patients the in-depth treatment and personalized care needed to abstain from drinking or drug use. We’d like to invite you to take a closer look at our luxury Malibu drug rehab through an online tour of our facility; if you have questions or wish to speak with our staff, we’re just one call away.

4. Staying in a residential drug addiction treatment center will give you time to think about your present situation and work on you. If life has gotten chaotic due to drug or alcohol abuse, you may need this time to get your thoughts together, clear your mind, and start making positive changes for your future.

5. Inspire Malibu can offer you around-the-clock supervision and support during the most cruclal times during recovery. While in detox, you’ll have a luxurious and comfortable place to safely withdraw from the effects of drugs or alcohol. Comfort amenities and perks abound in our Malibu drug rehab.

If you’re ready to leave addiction behind you for good, make a call today to Inspire Malibu and ask to speak with one of our recovery experts about immediate placement into one of our programs. For sever addiction, residential treatment is recommended; for a less-severe addiction or ongoing treatment, our outpatient program would be an excellent choice.

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Malibu Drug Rehab

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