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A Modern, Individualized Approach of Treatment For Each Client

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Inspire Malibu Uses The Most Advanced And Proven Evidence-Based Methods For Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Inspire Malibu utilizes a modern, individualized approach to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Every aspect of our program is built upon a solid scientific foundation, and our approach to Modern Addiction Treatment Programsubstance abuse treatment is clinically proven to be effective in overcoming alcoholism and/or drug addiction.

Our Addiction Treatment Program Works

You may pay more at other treatment centers, or remain in treatment longer, or even be compelled to adhere to a rigid schedule of menial labor – but none of these approaches can assure you the lasting recovery we offer at Inspire Malibu. Inspire Malibu treats addiction in all its forms – alcohol, drug, and behavioral addiction.

Addiction Treatment Programs Are Individual To Your Needs

Addiction Treatment

Addiction is primarily the result of changes in brain function. This means that a major goal of treatment must be either to reverse or compensate for those changes. The most successful treatment methods are the ones that change brain chemistry or correct the brain’s chemical imbalance.

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Addiction Treatment

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