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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Get Top Bipolarity Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental condition, involving a range of emotions, mood swings, and extreme energy levels. People with this illness can have severe life consequences, including family, work, financial problems, and even accidents and suicide.

While many people are diagnosed and treated for bipolar, sometimes the condition does not come alone. According to studies, at least 60% of people with bipolar have abused substances. When this abuse is prolonged, a dual diagnosis of bipolar and addiction occurs. If you or someone close to you is dealing with these conditions, you should know what it is, and how to achieve successful dual diagnosis recovey.

What is Dual Diagnosis Bipolar & Substance Abuse?

This is a condition in which the patient experiences chronic symptoms of both addiction and bipolar. There is no definite cause or formula for the development of this duality, but people with this diagnosis are more difficult to treat, as one illness exacerbates the other.

In some cases, the patient being bipolar turns to substances to try to alleviate their unstable states and ends up developing drug or alcohol abuse. At other times, excessive substance use causes the addicted patient to exhibit the symptoms of bipolarity. A best dual diagnosis treatment center in Malibu like Inspire Malibu can help you with the diagnosis, and guide you in how to deal with dual diagnosis.

What is the Relationship Between Bipolar and Addiction?

While there is no definite reason or cause for the origin of dual diagnosis, the National Institute of Mental Health states, for example, that alcohol and drug use often leads to bipolar disorder or depression. Besides, many specialists agree that a common condition with a dual diagnosis, and the reason for a bipolar person to become addicted, is the tendency to self-medicate and to seek “something” to help them cope with the frightening symptoms of their condition.

According to clinical researchers, brain chemistry may influence the correlation between addiction and bipolar. According to WebMD, bipolar people often have abnormal levels of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These substances among other things regulate some body functions including emotions and moods. Drug or alcohol abuse alters the processing of these substances, and people with the bipolar condition who turn to these substances to cope with their unstable symptoms end up making them worse in the long run.

Co-Occurring Disorder and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

If a person has severe symptoms of both conditions, the wisest thing to do is to go to a center that specializes in dual diagnosis recovery. Both conditions must be treated at the same time, and the specialists at these rehab centers understand this reality and can design a customized integrated treatment that allows people to effectively overcome these illnesses. They will then be able to resume their lives, functionally and fully, and lead a healthy and happy life.

Count on Inspire Malibu

If you’re looking for a mental health managing center that treats bipolar and substance abuse, you’re in the right place. Inspire Malibu is the region’s premier treatment center for the treatment of dual diagnoses, utilizing the latest research, proven science, and the best evidence-based programs. Let us extend our helping hand. Contact and visit us.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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