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Drug Detox California

Drug Detox California

Getting treatment under a medical professional can help you break the destructive cycle of drug addiction if you or a loved one suffers from drug abuse. The treatment begins with detox, where your body rids itself from drug addiction and moves into a better and brighter future.

However, there are many benefits associated with detox. Here, we’ll look at the benefits of medical drug detox before beginning addiction treatment.

Reduced Drug Withdrawal Symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms of drugs can range from uncomfortable to debilitating. A drug detox program can help reduce symptoms of withdrawal. Your recovery journey is more comfortable and manageable when you stay in the detox program.

Reduces The Likelihood Of Relapsing 

Since drug withdrawal symptoms can be severe, many people end up relapsing and going back to using drugs. In some cases, this leads to an overdose as the person uses more than usual to cope with their symptoms. In a drug detox center, there is 24-hour monitoring, and any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can be treated.

Safer Than Going Cold Turkey

There are real risks to your health when going through the detoxification process from certain drugs. Life-threatening seizures, delusions, gastrointestinal symptoms, and insomnia can occur. These risks can be safely managed, prevented, and avoided in a detox center than going cold turkey.

Strong Support Team

You get a better support system in a detoxification facility. Some people want to quit using drugs but find it challenging if people around them still use substances. A detox is a perfect solution because the facility staff will work with you from the point of admission until you are medically stable and able to move on to rehabilitation.

Addiction Medications

Some people only need medications to help them through acute withdrawal symptoms, while others may require long-term medication and admission to a drug addiction treatment facility. The most crucial thing is to get your body stable and keep your health safe and comfortable as you get rid of drugs from your body. When you enroll in a detox program, they will assess your health condition before going through the process and prescribe medications that will help you.

 Detecting Underlying Disorders

Many underlying disorders won’t be evident until you detox from the drug. This disorder may have been the underlying cause of your addiction. When the drug starts to leave your body, underlying psychological symptoms can quickly surface. Detox treats underlying health conditions and puts you in a more suitable position to stay sober and clean.

Get Help With Drug Detox California

Detox is crucial to your recovery, but it’s not the only treatment in your journey. After the detox program, seeking further treatment will help you continue your recovery journey. At Inspire Malibu, we’re here to help anyone suffering from drug addiction by providing a detox program that prevents life-threatening symptoms and uncomfortable withdrawal side effects.

To speak with our helpful treatment team and learn more about our drug detox programs in California, please call us today at 800-444-1838.

Drug Detox California

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Drug Detox California

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