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Category: Alcohol Abuse

Why Only Some People Succumb To Addiction

Not everyone who uses substances like alcohol becomes an addict.  This is an anomaly and has been a matter of scientific research for quite some time now. Experts found that if the same substance is given to two people and they both react differently then this is most likely due to the variation in their […]

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Seeking Help For Addiction is a Courageous Act

It goes without saying that it takes a lot of courage to admit oneself to having an alcohol or drug abuse problem. People who are able to come to terms with their addiction issue can be content with the fact that they have crossed the first major hurdle. You can ask any recovering or fully […]

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Recovering From Drug or Alcohol Addiction

No one is unscathed from the challenges, stress, interpersonal conflicts and difficulties in life. Some experiences in life may leave us extremely traumatized resulting in the ability to feel happy and appreciate the small gifts of life. In fact, individuals having a long history of abuse or tragic loss often succumb to drug or alcohol […]

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction

As drug abusers and alcoholics in the USA continue to increase, only a few rehabilitation centers and facilities offer science and evidence-based treatment to help with drug and alcohol addiction. Most people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction have an underlying psychological issue that fuels their abuse of substances. These psychiatric conditions may include: Depression […]

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Alcohol Tolerance

Alcohol is responsible for a large number of deaths, illnesses and injuries in the US. Besides tobacco, alcohol is one of the primary causes of premature deaths in the US and elsewhere. It is generally believed that consuming alcohol in small quantities is harmless. But many people who consume alcohol end up developing an addiction. […]

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Treatment For Alcohol Dependence

Alcoholism is a serious problem that affects millions of people of all ages across the country. Alcoholism surely does not discriminate, as people of different ages, races, and religious backgrounds can end up suffering from this problem. A person who is considered an alcoholic is someone who regularly feels the need to drink alcohol. They […]

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Top 25 Books On Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Working on one’s self is such an important thing to do. You just need to take the time and put in the effort. These are some of the top books that touch on some aspect of dug or alcohol addiction and each one of them has tools that you can use as a reference to overcome […]

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3 Things To Help Understand Alcohol Addiction

Most people consume alcohol in moderation. For them, it’s just a pleasant way to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Some drink only in social gatherings or when they are with their close friends. These people consume alcohol only occasionally and in small quantities, so they don’t develop an alcohol addiction. Consuming […]

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Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on Teenagers

Whether we talk of increased marijuana consumption or growing cases of alcohol abuse, substance abuse among teenagers and young adults poses a serious challenge to our society. Many studies and surveys have found that a large percentage of people who abuse drugs and alcohol are teens still in high school. Studies conducted by renowned organizations […]

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