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Will California’s AB 186 Create Safe Spaces to Use Heroin and Opioids?

Like other states in the U.S., California has seen a spike in overdoses as a result of heroin and prescription painkillers. While the news cycle appears to have moved away from the country’s opioid epidemic, the problem persists. In 2015, an estimated 33,000 people fatally overdosed on heroin or opioid medication, according to the Centers […]


The Migration of Addiction Treatment Centers to California

California is known for many things: the beaches, movie stars, Hollywood, and outstanding weather, just to name a few. It’s also home to a large number of addiction treatment centers, with many of them located in and around Malibu. But why are so many drug rehab centers in Los Angeles? To answer that, we need […]


Is There a Difference Between Stress and Depression?

Identifying the difference between symptoms of depression and stress can be tricky. There are certain overlaps that might lead a person to think they’re just “stressed out” when, in fact, they’re suffering from depression and vice versa. Knowing the difference between stress and depression will help clear the path toward proper treatment. In broad strokes, […]


Stress Awareness Month: The Good, The Bad and The Treatable

Living with stress is ubiquitous with being human. Stressors are normal and include everything from too much physical exercise to an imminent work deadline. Successfully meeting that work deadline might land someone a promotion, which is exciting and stressful. Not making the deadline might jeopardize a person’s job, which is scary and stressful. In other […]


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