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Did the ‘Heroin AM’ Sketch on Saturday Night Live Cross the Line?

In America, you know something has gone mainstream when it becomes the subject of a sketch on the iconic late night show Saturday Night Live (SNL). For decades, SNL has skewered popular American institutions, politicians and societal issues, which have alternately alienated some people and entertained others. In April of this year, SNL aired a […]


The Practice of SuperBrain Yoga for Stretching Your Mind

Yoga, as most people have come to know it, is a mental and physical discipline that combines simple meditation with specific stretching techniques. The practice has ancient roots in eastern culture and it migrated to western culture in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Yoga as exercise has a long history in the United […]


LSD and Psychedelic Microdosing: Is it Really Worth the Risk?

A new trend with old drugs has emerged and like most illicit drug use, there are few facts and a myriad of unknown effects. The buzz around microdosing LSD and psychedelics is emanating from the tech industry, in San Francisco’s Bay Area. Whether or not it’s a fringe activity with relatively few but loud participants […]


Fentanyl Hits the Streets Disguised as Xanax and Norco

The rise in prescription opioid and heroin abuse creates countless problems for healthcare professionals, law enforcement, the drug abusers themselves and society as a whole. It’s a complex issue that continues to claim lives. Unfortunately, Fentanyl, a painkiller 100 times more powerful than morphine, is showing up on the streets disguised as other drugs, such […]


Ten of the Biggest Addiction Myths

Some of the biggest myths about addiction have been produced by the war on drugs propaganda, while others come from a misinformed minority of people who have no medical training or firsthand experience with addiction. Whichever is the case, misinformation surrounding addiction does more harm than good by fueling the stigma surrounding addiction and can […]


Xanax Bars and Teen Drug Abuse

As adults, it’s easy to forget the emotional and psychological turmoil that teenagers experience. The teen years are filled with insecurity, anxiety and a sense of pressure to conform to the social expectations of their peers. This is one reason why many teens experiment with drugs, to either “fit in” or dull the constant anxiety […]


Art Therapy and Mindfulness Coloring Books for Adults are the Latest Craze

It would be pointless to tell a child engrossed in a coloring book that they’re practicing a form of mindfulness. After all, young children generally live in the moment anyway. Adults around the globe, though, have found that picking up a coloring book is an incredibly useful way to allow everyday worries to melt into […]


10 Films About Depression – Pop Culture’s Take on Melancholy

Depression is more than just being blue. While quite common, there are different types of depressive disorders that vary in severity, duration and emotional and physical symptoms. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), women are more likely than men to experience these issues, and approximately 7 percent of the population – 16 […]